If he is known for anything, President Donald Trump is known for his often toxic feuds with other celebrities, fueled by his boundless ego and his tendency to never allow a slight, real or imagined, unanswered. His new argument with former 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney was almost inevitable since the two men are opposites in so many ways. Romney has lived a life of propriety, being as he is a devout Mormon. Trump has not. On the other hand, Romney lost a presidential election that many analysts felt was winnable. Trump won his election that many of the same experts believed was unwinnable.

Romney comes out against Roy Moore

Romney, always the high minded fellow, has come out against Roy Moore, the candidate for the Senate in a special election in Alabama who has been accused of pursuing teenage girls while in his 30s. In so doing the former governor of Massachusetts has gotten “strange new respect” from the same media that savaged him during the 2012 campaign. It might be said that had Romney been elected in 2012, Donald Trump would still be in private life, hosting “The Apprentice,” and occasionally tossing his words of wisdom to any member of the media who cared to listen. However, he is now leader of the free world, for better or for ill.

Trump is trying to stop Romney from entering the Senate

One consequence of the developing Trump vs. Romney feud is that the president is trying to stop the former Presidential Candidate from running for the Senate. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah is 83 and is said to want to retire. Romney has let one and all know that should Hatch step down he would like to run for his seat.

The former governor would have an excellent chance of winning. As a consequence, Trump is working very hard to persuade Hatch to run for one last term. Romney is said not to be pleased.

The irony cannot be more delicious. Because of the imperative to keep the GOP majority in the Senate, Trump is swallowing his pride and is getting behind Moore, a man he opposed in the primaries.

Because Romney has rubbed the president the wrong way once too often, Trump is maneuvering to block his senatorial ambitions. Romney is a better man than either the president or Judge Moore. Despite his tendencies toward moderation, Romney is Republican enough to be acceptable to most voters. Yet Trump is working to get Moore into the Senate and keep Romney out. Such are the vagaries of modern politics.