It’s exactly been three years since, the most anticipated album of 2014, “Carter V” was supposed to be released. Since then, there have been empty promises each year from Lil Wayne and Birdman of a possible release, which has not happened to this day. The album has been embroiled in a $51 Million lawsuit. The figure has since risen with other parties getting involved such as Universal Music Group, Cash Money Records, and Birdman.

Martin Shkreli, notorious for acquiring unreleased hip-hop albums, somehow landed his hands on a copy of “Carter V.” He previewed a few songs from the album but has since been served with a seize and desist from Wayne’s camp to stop leaking any more songs.

There have been some other previews of the album, and by the sound of it, the album is great. Wayne once stated that the album was done before the issues with “cash money” and is ready for release at any time.

Hip-hop is at a place in time where very few albums have originality, cohesiveness, and quality. It should be noted, “Carter V” album was recorded just before the transition of hip-hop happened (which transitioned poorly may I add, but that’s for another article) so it was of a different era and different standards if I may say so. With the transitioning of hip-hop and the whole industry in general, when “Carter V” finally drops, it will be an odd one out. This is because today’s albums are made in a hurry to satisfy an immediate fan base.

Most albums being put out right now are only good in the first months of its release. After some time, it’s trash because the sounds in hip-hop right now keep changing. If an artist records an album with popular sounds of that time and executes it poorly, as an artist, he is NOT building a classic catalog at all, causing his/her career to be a victim of criticism.w

When “Carter V” is finally released, it will be a gold piece in a copper mine and here’s why;

‘Carter V’ was recorded three years ago

“Carter V” has been in the studio for three years.

The album was Lil Wayne’s “parting shot” from the industry. From the singles released before the album, Wayne went hard on the album. The album was also his fifth installment to the critically and commercially successful “Carter” series. It already gives you an idea of what’s coming on “Carter V.”The album was recorded at a different era of hip-hop, which had its unique sounds.

He’s had three years to tweak the album here and there to make it perfect. There is NO reason as to why it should be anything but the best.

The Album has aged properly to be certified as a classic

For an album recorded so long ago, you would expect the music to sound outdated. All the singles released and songs previewed, to this day, still sound fresh, original and timeless. “Believe me” the first single from the album finds Wayne in his best shape, delivering two great verses. Other singles include “Grinding,” “Gotti, “Life of Mr. Carter” and “Mona Lisa.”

The ‘Free Weezy album’ stands as a testament

Free Weezy Album” an album released in 2015, after Wayne and Birdman had a fallout, was Wayne’s attempt to go independent.

It was released exclusively on tidal. The album is Wayne’s best work yet since it finds Wayne focused and inspired. He raps over futuristic and inspired beats produced by his closest producers. Wayne stated in an interview that some songs on the album recorded for “Carter V” but never made the cut.

If some songs from this album were “Carter V” leftovers, then you can be sure “Carter V” has the best music of the decade because “Free Weezy Album” has some very great songs. “Free Weezy Album” is a classic and Wayne categorizes it second to “Carter V.” Only time will tell when we will finally get to listen to this classic album. In the meantime, we have “Dedication 6” to look forward to this Christmas. Hopefully, 2018 is shaping up to be Wayne’s year.