Roger Waters has a lovely song called "The Tide is Turning" - it does not have the popularity of the signature song "Comfortably Numb," but I used to play it with pleasure. My pleasure was the reflection that Barack Obama would turn the tide in America. I knew it was too early. I knew back in 1968 that the wreckage of the civil rights movement would have disastrous consequences. My guess was that we would see no real change until 2020 - a nice date if you are looking for normal vision.

In the song "The Tide is Turning" Roger is thinking about his kids.

I know nothing of him. Songs can be about anything and the character singing can be anyone. But the line that stuck with me is the one about all the cr*p kids learn in school. I think there are millennials who are iconoclastic enough and selfless enough to absorb the truths of the last fifty years of cr*p and make some simple changes that will start to set things right.

Mogul droppings

I'm going to clean up my language a bit and refer to the excrescences we face, as mogul droppings. These are the offerings of folk like our current Secretary of State who once headed EXXON-Mobil which is teetering at the very helm of what ails us. Yes, what ails us is all tied up with the desire to make believe all is well as oil eventually fails us.

We all love and need oil, even those of us who have spent decades thinking beyond it.

The mogul droppings are the cumulative product of everything the GOP supports that derives from their obedience to corporate masters and the affable lobbyists who write the bills that rule our lives.

Is this unfair?

Yes, this is very unfair because on a day like this I should be cautioning the majority of Americans to think before they dance around Trump's grave.

It will take years to undo the harms of Citizen's United and the composition of the Supreme Court and the unwillingness of our Congress to even up the economy and ensure democracy again. But Democrats are no less inclined to excitation than Republicans are. I am hoping that patience and nonviolent activism infuses the troops we will need to get the change done.

Correcting Obama's mistakes

Obama should be the first to admit that he actually might have voted to confirm John Rogers as SCOTUS' Chief Justice. That is the truth. He was a new Senator and knew no better. A savvy staffer set him straight. He went on to violate immigrants dignity and rights with nasty ICE, skewer journalists, and cave to Congress. He is much smarter now and perhaps he can justify his back-door neo-con tendencies.

The future is what Obama fitfully started. He was a pragmaticist -- an infant one, but there were few before him. You shall unpack pragmaticism anon but you can get started by checking out the link above.