Some Evangelical Christians and many Republicans are coming to the defense of Judge Roy Moore. They have been vouching for his character and proclaiming his innocence saying the accusing women are liars. Deep down, they realize that they cannot truly prove this man's innocence for one very important reason. Unless those who are defending him can swear under oath that they were with him during the date and time of an alleged offense, their support is in vain. No one, not even his wife is with the Judge 24/7, this is why people should not be protesting that he is innocent.

Innocent until proven guilty still applies

In America, one who is accused of a crime is still innocent until proven guilty by a court of the law. The Republicans and Evangelical Christians who are standing by the Judge have every right to do so. What they should not be doing, however, is vouching for his character. The issue in this situation is that many women are coming forth with dates, times, and locations. One young woman that Roy Moore said he never met, provided a high school yearbook with his signature.

If those who are swearing that Roy Moore's accusers are lying were not around at the time of the supposed molestations, the being a character witness has no bearing on the situation. It is preposterous for conservative politicians and Evangelical Christians to go out on a limb for this man with so many women coming forth with detailed accounts.

Standing with him is one thing, but slandering his accusers and swearing that he did not commit any of the offenses is not wise.

Even Judge Roy Moore's wife cannot defend him

The Judge's wife took wedding vows, so if she stands by her man this is acceptable. Even she, however, cannot provide a good defense for her husband because she was not with him at all times.

This is why it would be better for all who support Roy Moore to simply say they choose to stand with him during this time of trouble. If even one woman can produce a witness or credible evidence that an offense occurred, then everyone who has been proclaiming his innocence will look pretty bad.

Being a character witness really does not have much merit because there is a first time for everything.

Those who are proclaiming that Roy Moore is being persecuted because of his conservative Christian views are protesting a bit too much. They know that they cannot prove any of the things they are saying, but continue anyway, just because the Judge shares their views. None of it makes him guilty or innocent.