Per my previous article, The iceberg continues to melt in Hollywood, the continuing saga of sexual misconduct by men of stature is busting open a huge pandemic in American culture. Matt Lauer, everyone's next-door neighbor newscaster is the latest to be accused of sexual harassment.

Men have historically disrespected women since the beginning of time

Unbelievably, it has taken millions of years of advancement in human culture to arrive where we are, with the treatment of women worldwide. What better country to start the change in how men treat women in the workplace and beyond than America?

As we are all aware of, since the institution of recorded time with the Bible, the treatment of women has been downright disgusting and horrid. Admittedly, even I am guilty of a period in my life of treating and looking at women as sex objects. Matt Lauer has astonishingly been added to the list of men in powerful positions abusing their position by reportedly treating women in a manner labeled as sexual misconduct.

I believe most of us realize that this problem has been long-lasting since the days of cavemen. Christians will have you believe, that what has, and what is occurring, is due to original sin. Darwinism would have you believe that this has been a natural process which you would see in the animal kingdom, used to further life on Earth as we know it.

The natural process of men being sexually driven to protect the ongoing advancement of humans might have been fine and dandy in the age of cavemen. I am not stating that I agree with that assessment. However, if we all want to be serious and honest with ourselves, it is how man continued to recreate and advance at a time when morals and treatment of fellow humans was not a concern.

It is a new age and a new era to end misogyny

There are now 7.5 Billion people in the world and counting. We have arrived at an age where recreation is not an issue in terms of sustaining human life. In uncountable ways, man has advanced since the beginning of human history. We have created and mastered better and more efficient ways to live and enjoy life.

Why then do we remain stuck in age-old traditions and treatment of fellow humans? Whether it is race wars, gender bashing, or unfair treatment of women, these three man-made disasters continue to haunt us.

I, myself, only recently took on a new way of respecting women. With much inner soul-searching, I have managed myself to release what I was taught and what I became victim to as a child, in regard to the treatment of women. In fact, I would be remiss not to mention my struggle with this issue as well, if I am to write an article about changing the world for the better.

The incredibly shocking announcement about Matt Lauer's transgressions against women in the workplace shows all of us that this historical menacing issue of sexual misconduct can be hidden in the best of us.

It is a problem that has been handed down, man to boy, throughout history, and from the look of things, it is going to take a long time to change. But, what a wonderful change it will be.

A new era has arrived, and women are finally empowered to take on sexual misconduct without fear of reproval. Whether it is Hollywood, Washington D.C., television, news anchors, the business elite, or anyone in power, this male sickness is not shying away from anyone. At this point, even with our very own President of the United States under suspicion of rape and sexual misconduct, no one is protected from a new, open discussion on this subject or the accusations that are to continue. Even as I write this article, another name has fallen.

The American icon, author, storyteller, humorist, voice personality, and radio host Garrison Keillor has become the next monster to come out from under the bed, due to new accusations.

The iceberg is in full meltdown

So, as I've previously written in the first article linked above, the tip of the iceberg continues to melt and is now in complete meltdown. This is a big one, though, and may continue to melt for months and years to come, as women deservedly come full circle in stomping out this historical treatment by men which no longer makes sense, nor is naturally needed to advance the human race. It is a new age, a new Millenium, and a new era. It is time for women to be treated as complete equals, if not of higher esteem than that. It is time for a male metamorphosis into human beings that fit into modern times, and not cave-dwelling days. It is time for the iceberg of historical sexual misconduct to melt away for all eternity.