In response to President trump’s threat to destroy the entire country of North Korea during his speech at the United Nations, Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu declared world peace is the right of all humanity. In full agreement, at the United Nations, leaders of 122 nations approved a global treaty banning all nuclear weapons from Earth. Over 50 nations have already signed the agreement that was ratified by their country's legislature.

President Trump’s visit to Asia

President Trump’s recent trip to Asia included a stopover in South Korea where he spoke in front of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

Once again, the U.S. president said that the resolve of the United States should not be tested. America has nuclear-armed aircraft carriers and submarines positioned in the ocean near North Korea. They are on ready-alert to attack the North Korean Leader and North Korea on a moment’s notice. The USA has the capability to totally annihilate the country of North Korea. North Korea has the ability to attack South Korea, Japan, Guam, and, even perhaps, the USA. This would cause many millions to die.

Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu is originally from Vietnam

President Trump visits Vietnam as part of his trip to Asia. Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu was born in Vietnam. Before he became a monk, he was a part of the royal family of Vietnam.

During the Vietnam War, Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu was a child and his village was attacked and destroyed by American jet-fighter planes when he was nine years old.

As he was running away in fear, by the bombing during the war, he was hit by the chemical fire of napalm. This caused first-degree burns on over 70% of his body. The only place not burned was his face.

He barely survived. He underwent six major operations that saved his life. He received care in an American military hospital because his family was supporting the South Vietnamese who were the allies of the United States in the war. The irony of this was that the people who tried to kill him also saved his life.

Escape from Vietnam

Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu left Vietnam as part of the flotilla of “boat people” who left Vietnam during the war. They risked their lives in overloaded boats. Trump did not even fight in this war because he got a medical deferment for having a “bone spur” in his foot. Trump knows absolutely nothing about the real horrors of war. In Bhikkhu’s valiant escape from Vietnam, many on the boat with him died during this trip. Bhikkhu saw the intense suffering first-hand and he will never forget this horror. Luckily, Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu survived and he was able to immigrate as a refugee to Australia.

Barefoot walk around the world to promote world peace

In 1998, Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu started in Dharamsala, India and walked barefoot around the world to teach about war and explain the path to world peace.

During the first part of his trip, he was joined by the Dalai Lama who walked along with him. After that, he walked on five continents through 18 countries and thousands of miles. This dedicated trip to end all war, it culminated with a barefoot walk in the snow to arrive at the Sydney Winter Olympics in 2000.

To this day, Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu continues to walk barefoot everywhere he goes. His message of world peace and the end of war is the same then, as it is now. Human beings must demand the end to all wars and understand that war is not necessary and that “War is not holy.”

Support by international music stars and major producers

To draw attention to our desperate need to save humanity from the devastation of another World War, talented musicians, producers, and others have stepped up to offer support in this project by Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu to end war.

Darren Alboni, who is a world-class music composer and singer with over 25 years experience in the music business wrote a song entitled “Healing the Heart” in support of the efforts of Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu to stop World War III. This song is destined to become a major global hit similar to songs in support of famine relief in Africa such as “We are the World” by the late, great, superstar Michael Jackson.

If Michael were still alive today, he would probably want to sing “Healing the Heart.” It is exactly the sentiment of what the world needs to end war and we need it right now. Editor, director, and filmmaker Harvey White, who has created/edited some of the most outstanding music videos, film scores, and creative projects in the film and music industry, is inviting talent to perform this song.

There is a way to fight for world peace

Humanity has to do everything it possibly can to fight against the possibility of World War III, especially if nuclear weapons are involved. This fight is not with guns, bombs, or force. That just makes everything get worse. It is a fight with love, compassion, and by using reasonable minds that do not want any more people, especially children, to die or suffer in a war.

Like the lyrics from the song “Healing the Heart” express so eloquently, “We can all be free if we love our enemy. It’s time to let the anger go. Let it go.” It is time for humanity to rise to the level of being “humane” and stop every war. Put down all weapons of hatred today, not tomorrow. Do not follow any false evil leader from anywhere that encourages you to go to war to kill others. Rise above this by refusing to cooperate.