During the CNN coverage of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony before Congress today 11/14/17, a few things were reinforced. First of all the congressmen on the committee interviewing him were predominantly Republican. Secondly, the minority of the committee members, Democrats, questioned him in such a way that he at times seemed ‘befuddled,' or ‘slow’ in his response to questions. And, sometimes even Republicans trying to go easy on Sessions, inadvertently confused him to the extent that he appeared to answer questions that were not asked.Our attorney general appeared to be the senior at the dinner table that could not keep up with the conversation.

Jeff Sessions could not recall, often

As pointed out by Hakeem Jeffries, Dem. NY, Mr. Sessions had previously said he could not recollect 20 times during his testimony today. Moreover, questions elicited responses such as “I’m not sure,” and “I cannot comment,” or “It would not be appropriate,” from the attorney general, more times than was comfortable to watch and listen to, for the average viewer. Furthermore, the attorney general did not come across as having a handle on long-standing Dept. of Justice, or FBI policies. In short, he did not convey leadership qualities and in fact projected the image of a DOJ of which he was in charge, but not very hands on.

Jeff Sessions shows signs of being too old

All politics aside, we have all been around aging parents or grandparents. I think one knows when the slowing down process has begun for our seniors. Longer pauses between thinking and speaking, difficulty with the pace of conversation directed towards them and difficulty with some recollection, to name just a few.

It has always amazed me how we have so many seniors in high positions in our Government. Make no mistake, it is not the norm to be able to lead departments of high profile and responsibility, past age 70. There simply is no guarantee that one will still have the faculties, quickness and mental acuity to perform in these roles.

I believe that Jeff Sessions is well-meaning. And, I loathe the way that President Trump has humiliated and emasculated him in public. Unfortunately, Jeff Sessions and others, Rex Tillerson comes to mind, is willing to swallow his pride in return for being able to say that he has served at the behest of the President of the United States. However, after seeing much of the attorney general's testimony before Congress today. I believe that it would be best for him to step down and let someone as qualified but defter at the mental gymnastics required by the highest law enforcement officer in the United States, take the post.