The CEO of Fox News, Rupert Murdock is a friend of Donald Trump who continually says CNN is fake news. Now it's being reported that Murdock has twice this past year inquired about purchasing the Cable News Network. Rumor has it that Fox ratings are declining, and he also wants to remove unflattering stories about number 45. Randal Stephenson, CEO of CNN insists however that he will not sell. Some believe the president of the United States is behind the offer to try to silence the views of those who do not always agree with him.

Murdoch may be doing Trump's bidding

Number 45 is a wheeling and dealing business mogul with a 'take no prisoners' attitude. He has never held a political office so his actions will be those that made him a billionaire. In the corporate world, it is not uncommon for big corporations to swallow up smaller businesses. CNN reporters and talk show hosts have been brutally honest in their opinions of Donald Trump. For this reason, an offer to Stephenson sounds like just what should be expected.

It stands to reason that he would want to silence the network that paints the most unflattering picture of him. This is why he may have made the suggestion to his good friend to make a bid for CNN. To be fair, Rupert Murdoch himself may have been behind the entire thing, but it is no secret that the Donald would be pleased to see that the Cable News Network and it's panel of experts who vilify him silenced.

There is also the issue of grumbling shareholders who are tired of what they deem as bias against Donald Trump. It is possible that they could have suggested a buyout by Murdoch.

The Cable News Network should never be sold

Whether Rupert Murdock was acting alone or on the bidding of the president, free speech should never be silenced.

The attempt to do so is only raising red flags where number 45 is concerned. If the CNN reports have no truth to them then why is he working so hard to shut them down? Past presidents went about their duty without even addressing the negative press. It seems Donald Trump is protesting too much.

Randal Stephenson should stick to his guns and not be intimidated by big money or the position of the commander in chief.

If Rupert Murdock were to acquire the Cable News Network the American people truly would be overrun with fake news that spins everything the president does in a positive light. Unscrupulous business men like Trump and Murdock may be able to run competitors out of business or buy them out, but the United States government does not operate that way.