writer's block. The dreaded period that every author fears. You have a great idea when suddenly everything stops. Nothing makes sense as you are writing everything down on the page. You wish you could put your ideas down on the page as you had planned. But the idea in your head is nothing like the words you are putting on the page. But writer's block can also hit you when you have wrapped up one big novel or project and need to do something else for a while. Perhaps the ideas just aren't coming.

While some people would say that writer's block is due to them not being able to come up with something original, or just being plain tired, it sounds like some of the professional writers would disagree.

According to a report, Stephen King believes that writer's block is due to something completely different.

What is causing this sudden stop?

This sudden stop can be caused by exhaustion. Perhaps your ideas were not flowing as fast as before. Maybe you just need to take a rest and return to your writing after a nap. Stephen King believes that writers don't just run out of ideas. That's not to say that you can sit down and just to write whatever comes to mind because the ideas just won't stop coming to you. Instead, it means that these writers are now lazy explorers and don't want to go the extra mile to find a good story. One could argue that writer's block surfaces when people are too lazy to search for their next story idea.

They are just waiting for it to come to them.

Writer's block can also happen when you have over-evaluated an idea. You think about an idea and you try to take it apart, put it back together, and shape it to make it work for your novel. But the more you work with an idea, the staler it becomes. Before long, you have shaped the idea into a firm concept you can't use.

How to get the ball rolling again

Luckily, writer's block is something you can easily get out of. You simply need to stimulate the mind. King suggests you should watch a documentary,, take a trip or read a book. In fact, he suggests you should do anything but sit in front of the computer and wait for the ideas to come. If you take inspiration from true crimes, you can listen to some podcasts that are created by new podcasters.

Remember, you don't need accuracy here. You just need an idea to jump-start your thoughts. King thinks it's downright pathetic to sit and wait for an idea at the computer, so go for a walk instead.

How do you deal with writer's block?