Have you ever seen those videos on Facebook of Dogs singing? Well, most of those dogs are Siberian Huskies. I wanted one for years, mainly because of their eye color, if we're being honest. When I got married, my husband vowed to get me one. Needless to say, he kept that promise, and now we have a one-year-old Siberian Husky named Koda. Owning a husky is definitely an adventure that not everyone should take. Though they are adorable, they require tons of time, effort, and dedication. There will be days where you will feel like you made the wrong choice, but then you look at that beautiful husky getting hair all over your couch, and it will all be worth it.

Hair storm

You have not seen a dog shed until you have lived with a husky.

There will be hair everywhere, and I mean in every creek and corner of your house. Some days you will even find yourself pulling their hair out of your own hair. Give up trying to clean it all up because you will be cleaning multiple times a day. Let us just say, if dogs had jobs, shedding would be a husky's career goal. There is enough hair on my floor on most days to make Koda a female husky to play with. Honestly, I'm surprised my dog still has any hair left at all considering how much of it I find on the floor.

Long walks or dog park?

Huskies have an overflow of energy and they need to expel it somehow, which is where you come in. That means, even if you own a yard, you will need to find a dog park or be ready for long walks.

I take Koda to the dog park but he refuses to play fetch so unless there is another dog there, he'll just stand around. Therefore, I have to take him on long walks to drain his energy. Another option is to run with your husky, which I know a lot of people do. You can even have them pull you since they're bred to pull heavy sleds.

It'll really kill their energy.

Full of personality

I believe that all dogs have personalities, but Huskies were just given an extra dose. They're extremely hard-headed and do not enjoy listening to commands. In other words, a husky will know exactly what you're asking them to do and just decide that they don't feel like doing it.

Koda does this at least five times a day, he knows the commands, but he chooses not to listen at times. It takes persistence and patience to deal with that all day long.

Not to mention, huskies love to sing, talk, and just make noise. That's exactly what they will do when they do not get their way - they will talk to you. If they want to go out they will whine, and if they want your attention they will whine. At times, they will whine and make noise for no reason at all. Just imagine how difficult it is to understand what they're saying to you. It's like talking to someone who is speaking another language, except they don't understand gestures or hand movements either. In other words, it is impossible.

Destruction and intelligence

Who opened the door, and is that my PS4 controller on the floor? Since we've had Koda he has chewed through a PS4 controller, several plastic bags, and papers. He can also open all the doors in the house and, when we had it, he could open his wire kennel. Can you say smart? I mean, it's nice that Koda is intelligent enough to figure things out, but how do you react when you come home and he's opened your bedroom door and destroyed something? All you can really do is understand and try not to get mad.

One solution to this problem is to invest in an airline-grade kennel. This is the only kennel that has kept Koda locked in so far. The only issue is that he hates it, which means that he whines and cries while he's in it. There's no way of explaining to him that it is for his own good, but he sure has something to say to us.