The PlayStation 4 is home to countless fantastic and gripping RPGs. This generation has provided some of the best and most ambitious additions to the genre, with the "The Witcher 3" and "Persona 5" serving as prime examples. Obviously, not every game is great. Some are just passable, while others should never have seen the light of day.

The upcoming three titles sit at the bottom of the barrel. While critical response and Metacritic are taken into account, please note this article is opinion based.

'Arcania: The Complete Tale'

Developed by Spellbound Entertainment and Black Forest Games, "Arcania: The Complete Tale" is the remastered version of the fourth entry in the "Gothic" franchise.

The series was never really the pinnacle of the genre, but they offered a fun mid-level experience. "Arcania" was so bad, they removed the connection to "Gothic" entirely for the re-release. Presumably to lower expectations.

Why this exists is the real mystery. Who asked for an HD version of "Arcania?" It was below average during its PS3 run and time has not helped. Despite being released during a period when RPGs were few and far between on the PlayStation 4, Spellbound's dull fetch quest simulator sits at a underwhelming 42% on Metacritic.

'Overlord: Fellowship of Evil'

The "Overlord" series rightfully earned a cult following, as it offered witty banter and some genuinely fun gameplay. Originally a third-person action role-playing series, allowing players to control the Overlord and his army of minions, "Fellowship of Evil" changed things up not for the better.

The combat is now closer to "Diablo," with the camera switching to an isometric view. This is not necessarily a bad idea, if "Fellowship of Evil" was any fun to play. Sadly, the combat is mind-numbingly dull, with none of the charm found in the original two titles.

'The Huntsman: Winter's Curse'

Considering "Critics hardly well received the Huntsman" film series, a video game based on the lore did not sound too promising.

"Winter's Curse" has a few interesting ideas, including a decent art style and a card-based combat system with potential, but the Rpg is a slog to play through. Combat rarely feels rewarding, with fights taking ages to complete.

The launch version suffered from numerous bugs, including missing sentences and a game breaking bug which resulted in the player unable to win a fight. There was potential for something good here, but the 45 Metacritic rating suggests it was never reached.