reThe New York giants and Los Angeles Chargers are two teams with similar problems. It has been a month since the start of the NFL season and they are both, yet to win a game. The two teams are doing their best to get over this hump but it seems to no avail. With these two teams about to face each other, both have a lot to prove. Neither of them wants to go 0-5 so this match-up is important. I think the New York Giants have the edge in this bout. Here's why.

Offensive advantage

Offensively, I think the New York Giants hold the advantage. Odell Beckham Jr.

is healthy and the receivers are beginning to perform at peak condition. The pass offense has been averaging around 265 yards per game and it is getting better each game. The only worry is the Giants' offensive line. The Chargers have a capable pass defense and they don't have to worry about stopping the Giants' terrible run offense. The Chargers' defensive line will be the main problem for the Giants' offense. However, due to key changes in the offensive line, I think the Giants' offense will manage. The key to the offensive battle will be who scores first. Both teams tend to get outscored in the first half then make late-game comebacks that result in losses. So, whoever scores first will have the best chance of keeping the lead throughout the game.

Defensive advantage

The Giants' defense is going to play a key role in their potential victory. The Giants' have great red zone defense and a better rush defense. Chargers' quarterback, Phillip Rivers, is an average decision-making quarterback which can lead to turnovers. In addition, the Giants' defensive line has improved over the last couple games.

This means I expect the Chargers' offensive line to struggle to contain the defense. It will eventually result in rushed passes or sacks. The Chargers' scoring ability should unable to compete with the Giants' defense through four quarters. Their pass offense is better than the Giants' pass defense but I believe that due to Chargers' injuries and defensive changes, the Giants will be able to adjust.

Also, the Giants' rush defense should be enough to contain the Charger's run game. Chargers' running back, Melvin Gordon, is a great player that will inevitability make great plays. However, their running back rotation is not talented enough to cause trouble.

Concluding thoughts

This is going to be a tough game for the Giants. The Chargers have something to prove just as much as the Giants do. The Chargers' defensive linemen, Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, will pressure Eli Manning, the entire game. But, if the offense steps up and, the defense continues to play like it has been, then I don't see how the Giants can lose.