Jill Duggar's husband derick dillard is currently under fire for different issues. Aside from being spotted in a dancing party, he also shared two cryptic posts on Twitter which make fans wonder if he is cheating on his wife.

Derick has been using social media to share his religious views. But recently, he shared two back-to-back tweets that focus on one topic: committing adultery. These tweets started different speculations and rumors about something that might ruin his marriage.

Derick's tweet

What did Derick share on Twitter? He quoted Proverbs 6:32 that "He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself." After that, he tweeted another verse saying, "Say 2 wisdom,'U r my sister' & call insight your intimate friend, 2 keep u from the forbidden woman, from the adulteress w her smooth words.[sic]"

Although Derick might just shared those bible quotes without reason, fans cannot stop speculating.

One user wrote that Derick might have a guilty conscience. Other users think that it is directed toward his brother-in-law Josh, who had been involved in different scandals.

Well, Derick's message is unclear and he has not commented on the speculations of his followers yet. Many are hoping that he is not doing anything that may hurt Jill Duggar.

The bonfire dancing party

Aside from this issue, Derick is also in hot water after he shared a video of a dancing party. The video has been deleted but many fans saw it. The video features a group of men and women who were having a good time dancing to the song "Despacito." The choice of song also concerned fans since it contains lyrics that the Duggar Family won't approve.

The video comes with a caption that Derick had a blast with international friends during the bonfire party. Is Jill's husband breaking the rules? Michelle Duggar, the mother of Jill, previously said that dancing encourages sensual feelings, while Jessa said that music these days promotes sex, drugs, and all that type of stuff.

Fans are wondering what the Duggars think of Derick's actions since he broke their very strict rulebook. Since he already took down the video, he might have learned that he did something against the Duggar rules.

How are Jill and Derick?

Despite all these issues linked to Derick, the couple is currently doing great. They are happily living in Arkansas with their two children.

Recently, Derick shared on his Instagram that he and Jill visited the US Supreme Court. According to him, they almost made it inside. The photo shows a happy couple which may mean that Derick isn't cheating after all, like what fans and this article speculate.