Usually, a real-life crime doesn't take a weekend to solve. It doesn't take a few hours either it like it is often portrayed on television shows, such as CSI. However, you don't have to Write a novel that takes place over several days, weeks or even months to solve the crime in your novel. Some of the more effective novels have actually documented what life is like in real time and allows the characters to express themselves as they go through the emotional changes after a crime.

However, it takes a lot of planning and a lot of dedication to create a novel that is fluent in time.

We don't have a break in the story, which means that your story takes place over just a few hours or maybe even 24 hours. The character doesn't have time to sleep, eat, or even take a break from the horrible crime he or she is trying to solve.

If you need some inspiration on how to write this kind of story, you can look to movies that have done this. If you watch a Movie, you may see that the characters jump from scene to scene or it can be seen that they are wearing different clothes. This hints that there is been a break in the story, whether it is for them to sleep or even travel to a new destination.

Take inspiration from 'Halloween II'

It is a challenge to tell a story without breaks in scenes.

There is one movie that does this quite well. "Halloween II" is a movie that takes place right where the first movie ends. The main character, Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is haunted by her brother. He won't give up until she's dead and the second movie picks up right where the first one ends.

The movie takes places over an hour or two.

You could write a story with this kind of timeline, paying attention to the details. But the story would have to be interesting, as readers may get bored reading a few details about how a character spends his or her time at home.

Create suspense all the way through

In "Halloween II," there's suspense and thrills all the way through.

The second movie picks up with Laurie running away from her brother - and serial killer - Michael Myers. She's taken to the hospital, but he comes after her and she has to run for her life. She wears the same clothing throughout the entire movie. To keep fans interested in her story, there's suspense all the way through. Viewers get a few breaks throughout the story, but it's very little.

Have you tried to write a story without any breaks in a scene? Was it a challenge for you to document every second of a story?