After a severe crackdown with Spanish Police forces, Catalonians decided to keep protesting on Tuesday against the violence that injured more than 840 people on Sunday. Police force restricted Catalonians from casting their votes by beating them severely and breaking the voting machines.

Somehow, voting for independence referendum completed successfully but after so many casualties by national police forces. Catalonia's local government body has demanded the Spanish ruling party to withdraw 10,000 police personnel from the Catalonian territory.

The barbarous treatment on Sunday only intensified the rage in Catalonians and protest took place across Barcelona.

Now the same protesters and some unions have decided to keep protesting on Tuesday against the Spaniard police. Even, FC Barcelona protested against the violence by playing their last game against Las Palmas behind the closed doors.

Meanwhile, in Spain, the ruling party claims that the independence referendum that will give Barcelona a separate identity is illegal under Spanish constitution and will not be considered it at all.

What way are Catalonians being treated by police?

The police force started to beat whoever they saw coming to cast a vote. A viral video on Twitter showed, how Spanish police are throwing and kicking Catalonians out of the voting booths and restricting them from casting their votes.

Even women aren’t women in the eyes of Spaniard police force, they started hammering women who came to vote, another viral video on Twitter shows how a police struck a woman on her eyes, but she still accomplished her mission to cast her valuable vote for the independence referendum.

Another video exposing police forces shows how they start hammering the mob when they protested against them. Every police officer starts to beat up the crowd, then no matter who they are, old, young or whoever.

What’s next?

Spain’s 20 percent of the GDP is generated by Barcelona region, alone. Most of the Spain’s business is located in Barcelona’s territory. If Barcelona will be separated from Spain, then it would obviously be a significant loss for Spain. At some extent, this might be another reason why Spanish government is against this freedom referendum and not giving it any validity. Whereas Catalonia officials said, "90 percent of voters cast their vote in favor of the independence referendum on Sunday."

In coming days, the Catalonia officials will take the results of the referendum into the Spanish parliament and give a petition to ask for freedom as demanded by Catalonians by voting.

Catalonia is home to 7.5 million people, 15% of Spain’s population, and if they choose to live without Spain, then there shouldn’t be any interference by the Spanish officials. But Spain considers this referendum unofficial and illegal. Apparently, there's more to come in this story.