Fc Barcelona players came together with the protesters over the human rights violence by Spanish police. The team’s players joined protesters by condemning the violence and later refused to play their game which was scheduled on the same day.

Catalonians in Spain faced a brutal treatment by Spaniard police forces as Barcelona citizens wanted to cast their vote over a referendum to give a separate identity to Barcelona.

FC Barcelona first protested the violence in Catalonia and declared later that they wouldn't play their upcoming La Liga match against Las Palmas. Spain’s elite soccer tournament, La Liga, then reacted with a denounced statement stating that Barca must play the game or they might face six months ban.

The club's directors and players later decided to play the game after that statement by the tournament directors. But rather playing with the full crowd in Camp Nou, they decided to play behind the closed doors.

The empty seats of the stadium

There was no one in the stadium seats while the game was in progress. It was a total silence in the home ground of Barcelona. It looked awkward as the same stadium used to erupt with Barcelona chants and anthems.

Anyone watching the game on TV could have heard what players were saying as their voices were echoing across the stadium due to empty seats.

However, Barcelona won the game by a 3-0 score. Barcelona’s midfielder, Sergio Busquets, scored in the 49th minute with the assist of Lionel Messi to give Barca a 1-0 lead. Lionel Messi, later scored twice in the 70th and 77th minute.

This three-goal lead was enough for Barcelona and the match ended with 3-0, win for FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi has already scored 11 goals in seven La Liga games, he’s currently on the top of the goal scorers list. Whereas his rival player, Cristiano Ronaldo has been struggling to score goals this season after winning La Liga and the Champions League last season.

Four times Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, hasn’t scored a single goal in La Liga yet, after playing three-game after facing five games suspension by FA.

How long will Camp Nou be with empty seats?

FC Barcelona will not play any La Liga match till the next 2 weeks as there’s an international break in-between. Barca will play their next La Liga match against their rivals Atletico Madrid on 14th of October.

Atletico Madrid will host Barca and Atletico’s stadium probably be houseful with away and home fans. Barca’s next game at Camp Nou will be played against Olympiacos in the group stage match of the UEFA Champions League. By that time, violence across the Barcelona will obviously be cooled down.