In the wake of the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas where over 50 individuals lost their lives, the issue of Gun Laws rises once again. The second amendment in our constitution allows all citizens of legal age, sound mind, and clean background to own guns for the protection of their families and property. The National Rifle Association (NRA) upholds this law to the letter and wants to protect it at all costs.

What happens if an individual breaches the second amendment and kills innocent individuals

For decades Americans have had horrible experiences with shooters attacking and killing unsuspecting innocent citizens, usually in crowded places including schools, churches, malls, hospitals, and other places.

Some of the perpetrators have been found out to be individuals who should not have had access to guns in the first place either because of their age, the mental state, or their criminal background. In some cases, the weapons used to perpetuate the violence are registered or not registered, and some are not traceable back to any known owners or resellers.

These factors make it hard for legislators to design an acceptable law that would make all Americans proud. Every time there is an incident like the one in Vegas, the script plays out like a well-choreographed play. There will be discussions in all media houses about the issue and the laws surrounding it, legislators will bring motions in Congress for changes in the law, and demonstrations across the country starts against gun violence.

After a few months, we will go back to our lives and forget the issue until the next incident.

Between former first lady Hillary Clinton and the NRA, who is right on the subject of guns with silencers

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton has come out guns blazing, criticizing the NRA for pushing for guns with silencers. An issue that the NRA has been pushing for some time, she asks what would have happened if the shooter in Las Vegas had a gun with a silencer, and argues that the fatalities would have been much higher, but the NRA thinks otherwise.

Who is fooling who, who is right and who is wrong, which way for the Americans’ rights to guns as guaranteed by the constitution? Our legislators have not come to a consensus on any proposed changes, every few years innocent Americans including children get killed by individuals who in some cases are illegal gun owners.

Enough is enough

It is high time the American people united and reached an agreement on a compromise gun law changes that would ensure we do not continue this cycle of mass killings.