The economic growth of a nation is extremely important, but it must go Hand In Hand with social development. What's the purpose of having a high per capita income when people can't afford health care? There are nations less developed than the US that have a longer life expectancy. According to a report by Reuters, Obamacare was great because it benefited more than 20 Million Americans, improving their quality of life. The Trump administration has a different approach. They believe that Obamacare is a big waste of money, so, they decided to reform it.

Many American middle-class families dislike the new policy because it's hurting their budgets.

US life expectancy is relatively low

Health indicators are one of the best ways to measure the living conditions of a society. According to a report by World Life Expectancy, there were some eye-opening statistics when the United States was compared to other countries. The American life expectancy is 79.3 years. We can see that countries like Costa Rica and Chile have life expectancies of 79.6 and 80.5 years respectively. Citizens live longer than Americans in those countries even though those countries are less advanced.


In Germany and United Kingdom the life expectancies are 81 and 81.2 years respectively.

In Japan this indicator is 83.7 years, so, here is a question: Does social development go hand in hand with economic progress in the United States? I think that no - Barack Obama - was right when he created a health program to help more than 20 million people. We can see a paradox as America is a very rich nation but its life expectancy is relatively low.

Military expenditures have to be cut

According to a report by The Washington Examiner, the US military budget is over $700 billion, which is simply a huge amount of money. I think that these military expenditures should be reduced, and a percentage of this should be spent to improve the health and life expectancies of the Americans.

This is not the 80s, the Soviet Union is over, and America is the winner. There is no need to keep on wasting money.

The American budget must focus on the civilian population and this is the moment to make a lot of corrections regarding our finances. The US has been a leading country in the world for a long time, and it will remain this way if we keep the right policy. Investing in health means higher productivity, so, this is not a waste of money. Our people are the best asset of our great nation.