Being an American stationed in a foreign country can be overwhelming at first. Especially when you know nothing about the culture, except that it is definitely different from yours. Not to mention there is, of course, a language barrier to try and overcome anytime you are off post. Being stationed in Germany, I have learned quite a few things about their culture, and what it is like to live here.

German towns

I'm sure there are towns in America but they are nowhere near as common as they are here. Germany does not really have a lot of city environments, it's mainly composed of small towns.

When you are driving on the highway, all you can see are trees or farmland, there is really no in between. Anytime you drive into a town though, it'll give you the feeling of going back in time. I imagine that America once looked like these small towns in Germany before we modernized and leaned more towards cities.

The environment in Germany

One thing I love about German culture is that they care for their environment. Pesticides are banned here in Germany, meaning that they are no harmful chemicals put into the environment. The majority of the places you visit here are covered in green scenery, and they look like this all the time. There are trees around every corner, but if you like to hunt, it's a long process here.

Not only do you have to have a hunting license here in Germany, but you are still not allowed to really go out and hunt. Instead, you will be able to go to a place where they will let the animals you are permitted to kill out, and then you may shoot them. Fishing here is just as hard as well, and really not worth it.

German food

Contrary to what most people probably believe, there is still American food in Germany, to an extent. Yes, there is Chinese food here. Yes, there is Italian food here. Yes, there is McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and Popeyes. I know it's surprising, but I swear it's true. The difference is that the food is much healthier here as they care for their animals better.

McDonald's here even sells shrimp and chicken wings. The meat is not loaded down with unhealthy things either. Though it may not be good for you because it's still McDonald's, it is much better for you than the McDonalds in the states. The actual German food, such as bratwurst is really good as well.

Grocery shopping

Originally, I thought shopping on Post would be better than shopping in the German Economy. However, I was wrong. Shopping off the post in the German economy is cheaper than shopping on post. However, you have to bring your own bags or pay for them at the register and you have to bag your items yourself. Everything is written in German as well, so having a translator ready is necessary. The good news is that most Germans speak English, so you won't have trouble there.