President Trump's director of the National Economic Council, Gary Cohn, is expected to leave his position to take on a different role after his efforts to reform the tax system is complete. Along with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Cohn is part of the "Big Six" who are working on Trump's tax plan.

With Gary Cohn's exit, others will follow

It's been said that Cohn leaving the council would have something to do with a falling out he's had with the President over Charlottesville statements back in August. At the time, it was reported that Cohn had drafted a letter of resignation, before he threw it out and decided to stay instead, claiming that he was there to serve the country.

It was widely assumed that Cohn was up for consideration to replace Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve when she leaves.

But those chances for Cohn have no doubt been dashed, as Trump has shown throughout his career that he retaliates by firing or "locking out" those who do not show their loyalty to him. This was also reported to be one of the many reasons for why a "fast-growing number of staffers" at the White House are reportedly already looking for their next job.

Reasons for leaving

According to Politico "Trump aides begin looking for the exits," staffers who were hoping to get a year to serve in the West Wing, have been somewhat traumatized by the high-profile purges of many aides throughout the year and are now reaching out to lobbyists and headhunters.

Those looking for other gigs include staffers from Gary Cohn's council, the communications department, and others. According to some of the contacts cited in the report, they've said that "morale is low".

This is especially the case under the growing Russia investigation that is looking to see if the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials in an effort to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

In recent months, since Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was looking to question White House aides, those staffers had been told to not get rid of any documents and have also lawyered up for their own defense. The report referred to a Republican lobbyist who said at the time that they had already heard from five staffers who were looking for gigs.

The lobbyist claimed that those officials were all waiting for the year to complete and predicted that there would be a mass exodus in January. They also said that if those officials left before the year's end, it would look as if they were admitting to making a mistake of initially taking a job at the White House. Some recruiters have said that many of those staffers already want out. Especially since Gen. John Kelly has restored order to the White House, as there are still staffers left behind who were loyal to the more extremist elements the new chief of staff had fired. This means that those staffers no longer have the "clout" they once enjoyed.