For many years, the United States and Mexico have had strong ties because both countries are members of NAFTA, so, their trade links are huge. A big volume of Mexican exports are sent to the U.S. and many American factories have moved to that country to cut production costs. Free trade in itself isn't negative, but what is really annoying are the immoral labor laws of the Mexican government. They promote the cruelest exploitation of their workers. According to a report by The Journal Star, the Mexican minimum wage is just $4.50 per day which is simply unethical because this country is able to pay its workers much more.

The per capita income of Mexico and its minimum wage don't go hand in hand, so the payment is much lower than it should be. A huge number of Mexicans move to the U.S. to escape from poverty.

Mexico exports its social problems to America

Millions of Mexicans have moved to America and will keep doing this while the Mexican government doesn't change the labor laws. I believe that the U.S. has the right to intervene in the labor laws of that country to stop the huge influx of immigrants. The distorted labor laws of Mexico are creating poverty and illegal immigrants in America, so this is a bilateral issue. Donald Trump is right when he states that the Mexican government must pay for the wall because the root of the problem is the southern neighbor.

According to a report by Amarillo Globe-News, there are at least 350,000 illegals in the U.S. prisons, and one percent of them are in for murder. Many illegal immigrants are involved in drug smuggling in the United States and this is killing a lot of Americans. A big percentage of these illegal immigrants have come from Mexico.

Per capita income and minimum wage

We know that Mexico isn't as rich as the United States, so, it can't pay the same minimum wage but it isn't a reason to pay just $4.50 per day. According to a report by the World Bank, the Mexican per capita income was about 15 percent of the American one last year. This means that the Mexican minimum salary should be 15 percent of the minimum salary in America ($7.25).

Besides, we also have to add that there are cities and states in the U.S. that pay more than the minimum salary. This means that the Mexican minimum salary should be at least $1.10 per hour or more. It should, therefore, be about $8.80 per day or more.


If America fights for a higher minimum wage, it will be good for the Mexican workers and also for the Americans. This way, Mexico won't steal jobs from the U.S. with extremely competitive and unethical labor costs. This is also a way to reduce poverty there and reduce the huge illegal immigration problem. This is the moment to modify NAFTA and fight for the rights of the people and workers in North America.