Pyongyang has released a 90-second propaganda video that shows the bombing of an aircraft carrier of the United States by fighter jets of North Korea. The video, released soon after American jets flew over waters east of North Korea, shows a submarine-launched missile that strikes the USS Carl Vinson which explodes and disintegrates.

In another clip, American bombers and fighter jets are shot down by deploying medium-range ballistic missiles. The video also warned that if the United States resorts to military action, its bombers and fighter jets will not be spared.

Tension on the rise

Fox News reports that US bombers stationed in Guam, escorted by fighter jets from Japan, entered international airspace over waters east of North Korea. The mission was to send a message to Pyongyang about a few military options at the disposal of the United States as indicated by Dana White, spokeswoman for the U.S. Defense Department.

During his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Donald Trump used certain expletives to describe Kim Jong-Un, and Kim retaliated in his own way. Trump condemned the nuclear programs of North Korea and cautioned that use of missiles will lead to an unthinkable loss of human life.

It seems America sent its bombers and fighter jets to skirt the airspace of North Korea.

This prompted its foreign minister Ri Yong-ho to say that his country could shoot down U.S. aircraft if they violated its airspace.

A solution must be found

A leader must choose his words carefully when speaking at an international forum to ensure that sentiments are not hurt. The recent exchange of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un has stretched the already-tense relationship to breaking point.

In this connection, the video of an imaginary missile attack by North Korea on a United States warship is significant.

The world must realize that it is necessary to evolve a solution to bring peace to the Korean peninsula. It is not right to underestimate an adversary and the might of North Korea continues to remain an unknown element in the equation.

The UN has already imposed sanctions on Pyongyang, and China plans to stop the export of oil to implement the ban. However, Kim has gone ahead with the development of his nuclear missiles in spite of sanctions, has threatened the US and even identified a few probable targets. However, a confrontation with nuclear weapons is not an option. There has to be a peaceful solution which could possibly emerge through dialogues, and someone must take the initiative to arrange a meeting of all concerned including Kim Jong-Un where Kim could argue his case.