As the leaves change colors and the Halloween celebrations start to appear in the driveways of family homes, football season still continues to entertain its fans to the fullest. It is as if this year was destined to be full of surprises. As players try to anticipate what the third week of regular season play will bring, spectators are left at the edge of their seats due to a set of a wild first two weeks. Currently, in the AFC conference, there are six teams that have not received their first loss yet. Among these teams sit the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.

Both of these teams share the AFC East division and have been working on improving their rosters. Is it possible that the Miami Dolphins might have a chance to gain control the Patriot dominated division?

No losses help you win

Let's be honest, it seems as though the New England Patriots are ready to defend their most recent super bowl title. After losing to an explosive Kansas City Chiefs team during week one of the regular season, the Patriots have been focused on working on the intangibles. Kansas City's rookie sensation Kareem Hunt embarrassed the New England defense in his NFL debut.

Hunt collected three touchdowns as well as 281 yards receiving and rushing before the night was over. After witnessing how successful the Kansas City offense was against the Patriots, fans around the world expressed their opinion about the Patriots' odds of winning the AFC conference.

The Miami Dolphins are a team that may be capable of producing a similar performance with their young running back Jay Ajayi. Currently, Ajayi is averaging 4.4 yards per carry and has rushed 144 yards thus far this season. After capturing a win in week one against the San Diego Chargers, the Dolphins are currently undefeated with a chance to gain a divisional win this week.

The Miami Dolphins will take on their inter-divisional rival the Buffalo Bills this weekend. If the Dolphins are able to come out victorious, they will gain the first spot in the AFC East rankings.

The Pats are back

Although the Patriots experienced a week one loss, we cannot count "down and out". After the "Pats" self-destructed in week one, the Patriots dismantled the New Orleans Saints secondary the following week.

Tom Brady finished the game with 447 yards passing and also threw for 3 touchdowns. It is true that the Miami Dolphins have a head start to creating a new AFC East Champion, but the truth of the matter is the Patriots will never give up. As the weeks continue to bring suspense and excitement, the AFC East will be the division to watch!