IT is hard to make a good horror movie, and there are many bad ones made. To make a good horror movie, it is important to have a good story and good acting. There aren't many people who can write a better horror story than Stephen King. There were many adaptations of King's novels, but ''It'' may just be the best one. ''It'' is a movie with a great story and good characters. It premiered on September 5, 2017, and has broken many box office records. The film grossed over $198 million worldwide already.

Seven children fight their fears and demons facing ''It''

The movie tells a story of seven kids from the city Derry, Maine. "It" is a demon that appears as a clown and has been terrorizing the town for a long time, appearing every 27 years. Many kids from the city have gone missing over the long history of Derry, and they've never been found. 'It'' tells a story of seven children who face the monster and their fears. Every single one of them has something awful in his life, from a lost brother to an overprotective mother and abusive father. To defeat "It," they will first have to defeat their own demons. When they realize that there is a monster in the city, the kids decide that they will not go down without a fight and become just another victim.

They overcome their fear and go after "It." They manage to defeat the monster using the power of their friendship. But "It" doesn't die and instead, it goes into hiding, where it will wait for the perfect moment to appear again.

A movie experience and a teachable story

In my opinion, ''It'' is a perfect movie to watch in the cinema.

It has a great story, so it will be interesting for people who don't get scared easily. It is scary, but not too scary so that it won't traumatize you. Every time Pennywise appears, he is shown before he jumps out, so it is good for people who are scared mostly by jump scares. The movie gives us a valuable lesson about friendship, showing us that our strongest asset is the people by our side.

This movie perfectly shows that the greatest obstacle in life is fear and when we manage to overcome it, even the scariest demons look weak. This is a great movie to see with your friends, it has something for everyone, and it gives you a number of great topics to talk about. As I said, fear keeps us away from great things. So, if you are scared to see a horror movie in the cinema, I recommend you to face your fear and see "It." It will give you a night to remember.