The Russia scandal has been haunting Donald Trump since he was elected President last November. If Hillary Clinton won last year, she would also face similar threats of impeachment over the FBI's investigation into her emails. With the President's links to Vladimir Putin being disproved day by day, the email scandal continues to cast a dark shadow over Washington, and it is likely the former Democrat candidate could still be prosecuted for it.

J. Edgar Comey issued his statement that cleared her of any wrongdoing roughly two months before FBI agents interviewed Hillary or 16 other witnesses proves that this probe was not honest.

Therefore, the result cannot be trusted.

With war escalating in North Korea and politicians on both sides of Houses of Congress doing everything in their power to undermine the Trump presidency, an investigation into Hillary is possibly the last distraction he needs right now. It would also remove a barrier to his presidential victory last year.

The former FBI chief lied under oath

However, this investigation would not just affect Hillary and Comey, but it would also impact upon the chief of staff, Jim Rybicki, as well. Both men produced a statement clearing the Democrat nominee of any crimes in April/May 2016, but she was not interviewed until July 2nd. This means the former FBI chief lied under oath, further justifying President Trump's call to fire him earlier this year.

When Barack Obama was president, Comey lied about deciding to charge Hillary before she was interviewed. He was so confident that the Democrat nominee would win and the investigation would be dropped.

But Trump's victory caused him to triple-turn on his claim. Comey blamed Bill Clinton for meeting Attorney General Lynch last May in Phoenix for ruining his plans to clear the former president's wife.

But after the President fired him, he told Congress that he kept notes of the meeting because he did not trust the former FBI director. By doing so, he shifted the emphasis to the White House and Robert Mueller's inquiry into Trump's team is ongoing as a result.

She is a shattered figure

That is why Hillary's new book, "What Really Happened," should be read with a huge pinch of salt.

There is nothing this woman can say that can be taken seriously anymore. She is constantly playing games to undermine President Trump. Even if her account of last year's election was true, she has become so discredited among not only Republicans but democrats as well, that nobody would believe her. She is a shattered figure of a bygone age, and if the investigation into her corruption resurfaces, let us hope she receives the just punishment she deserves for poisoning American politics.