There is no letup in the war of words between US president Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un. It has escalated to such an extent that Hawaii had to evolve measures to ensure the safety of its people in the event of a real nuclear attack.

Kim has identified Hawaii as one of his probable targets and in case North Korea does fire a missile at Hawaii, it is possible that it would avoid interception. In that case, the reaction time would be in terms of a few minutes. Therefore, planned evacuation of its people would be out of the question and the toll could be in thousands.

Hawaii is serious

Daily Mail UK reports that lawmakers of Hawaii met in Honolulu to discuss the issue considering the seriousness of the perceived threat. It seems the nuclear weapons developed by North Korea are several times more powerful compared to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. On a rough estimate, the North Korean bomb could kill thousands, the survivors would be exposed to radiation and the loss of infrastructure would be irreparable.

Since there is no guarantee of successful interception of the missile, reaction time from launch to impact in a nuclear attack would be a few minutes. This would not be sufficient to evacuate the people. Hence, the authorities would issue a warning statement about an impending strike based on input from US Pacific Command.

The broadcast would be on a continuous basis through every possible communication channel and Hawaiians, who are outdoor, would have to proceed to the nearest shelter. Those who are indoors must not venture out but remain indoors and stay away from windows. In addition, families should maintain stocks of at least two weeks of emergency supplies.

Magnitude of the problem

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is trying to be prepared with instructions. The basis is the assumption that the bomb would be in the category of a 100 kiloton bomb detonated at 1,000 feet. However, the yield of the bomb that North Korea used in its latest nuclear test is believed to be much more and this adds a totally new dimension to the problem.

Hawaiian lawmakers also feel that Honolulu could be the most probable target of the first nuclear attack.

Instability in the Korean peninsula is a matter of concern for not only the countries directly involved but also for countries that are in the neighborhood. They also feel the heat and be affected in one way or another. It is necessary that the leaders search for a peaceful solution to defuse the volatile situation instead of resorting to war cries.