Tamra Judge has spent the last couple of months speaking out about her Parental Alienation case that has been featured on "The Real Housewives of Orange County." A couple of years ago, Tamra opened up about this case on a reunion special, revealing that it had been completely heartbreaking for her to lose contact with her daughter Sidney during her divorce from Simon Barney.

In her various interviews for the show, Judge revealed that her daughter had refused to see her or speak to her for months and Tamra was convinced that it was her ex-husband who had been feeding her daughter lies about her.

She was convinced that her ex-husband was behind the manipulation and that her daughter had no part in the alienation.

Sidney wants her mother to choose her over ‘RHOC’

On the show, Tamra made her ex-husband out to be a manipulator and a liar, while her daughter was completely innocent in everything. But now Sidney has decided to speak out and her side of the story is completely different. It calls into question just how much Tamra Judge has said in regards to the truth and some fans are completely shocked at what Sidney has to say.

Based on her words, Tamra is solely responsible for why Sidney isn’t talking to her mother. She explains that to Judge is choosing money and fame from "The Real Housewives of Orange County" over a relationship with her own daughter.

Apparently, Sidney has encouraged her to quit the show several times but Judge continues to return every season.

Should she be fired from the show?

Fans of the franchise are now calling for Andy Cohen to step in to help Sidney with her relationship. Fans are not exactly happy about what Tamra has been putting her daughter through and despite Judge playing the victim on the show, it sounds like Sidney's words may have changed the minds of many viewers.

On Twitter, several people have inquired about Tamra on the show, saying that it may be time to put her orange on the shelf and leave the show so she can fix her family.

Tamra, on the other hand, has revealed that it is the Bravo paycheck that pays for Sidney to go to school and it's her income that ensures that her daughter gets an education.

One can imagine that Sidney would much rather have debt than a fractured relationship with her mother.

Do you think it is time for Tamra Judge to leave "The Real Housewives of Orange County" behind for the sake of saving her relationship with her daughter? What do you think Sidney should do in this case?