President Donald Trump had announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris accord on climate change because, in his opinion, it would not fulfill the aspirations of his people. He added that he could reconsider the matter if the accord was recast to ensure that the terms are more favorable to America and Americans from all walks of life.

This has, now, been officially conveyed to the United Nations along with the fact that the U.S. will be in Bonn in November for the next meeting. Nearly 200 nations have joined for a common cause to control greenhouse gas emissions, and the absence of America had come as a surprise because former president Barack Obama had played a major role in it.

However, President Trump feels that the Paris climate agreement had not addressed various important aspects and was not a good deal for America.

The State Department statement says that he had indicated in his June 1 announcement and subsequently, that he is open to reopening the subject if the U.S. can identify terms that are more favorable to it anything related to the country.

Has Trump had second thoughts?

According to New York Times, President Emmanuel Macron of France had invited President Donald Trump to Paris and had discussed the matter. It seems Macron had convinced Trump about the importance of not dissociating from the accord and had, also, suggested how he could return to the fold.

It is not known whether the decision to attend the November meeting is an outcome of their discussions.

The strategy of the White House is clear. It wants to be present in discussions on climate change conducted by the United Nations to protect the interests of the United States because it is in favor of a balanced approach to climate policy.

The intention is to lower gas emissions simultaneously promoting economic growth and ensuring energy security. The objective should not be to discard fossil fuels in totality but to use them more cleanly and efficiently.

The impact of climate change

Under terms of the Paris accord, the United States cannot formally begin the process of withdrawal until Nov.

4, 2019, when the minimum period of three years would expire. The United Nations has welcomed the re-engagement by the Trump administration because it feels that the United States should play a major role and be the one to lead the fight against global warming and consequent climate change. It is an issue that cannot be ignored, and the decision to attend the next meeting in Bonn is proof that Donald Trump has realized the importance of controlling the emission of greenhouse gases. It is all about a change in perception and choosing the option which is beneficial to all.

Scientists have been studying the effects of global warming for a long time and have predicted that, unless it is arrested, it could become a major threat to the very survival of life on this planet. Incidents of floods, wildfires, landslides and similar natural disasters are on the rise, and experts attribute these to global warming.