One of the neat things about technology is that it can solve so many problems that hitherto did not seem to have solutions. Genetic Testing, something that was not available during World War II, has proven to be quite a weapon against racism. white supremacists have already used the technology to “prove” their alleged racial superiority only to get an unpleasant surprise in many cases. With that in mind, Katherine Mangu-Ward over at Reason has a bright idea.

Demand that all white supremacists undergo genetic testing

Mangu-Ward’s idea is that at the next rally or march where Neo-Nazis or Klansmen gather to strut about under their appalling flags and to chant their obnoxious slogans is to set up a table and offer to provide genetic testing for the participants to prove their racial purity.

Most people for who that sort of thing is necessary will step right up and have their cheeks swabbed with a q-tip. Unfortunately, since the process of genetic testing is not instantaneous, one can’t see the look on their faces when they find out they’re one-sixteenth African American or one-eighth Jewish. That revelation will take place a couple of weeks later in the privacy of their own homes.

Sowing doubt about racial purity

By and large, white supremacists, who have undergone genetic testing and have discovered they are not as “pure” as they thought they were have gone into denial. The test is flawed, some claim. Others come to the remarkable conclusion that ethnic purity is more of a matter of attitude than of biology.

The idea, though, is to start sowing doubts. A racist who discovers that he or she has black or Jewish ancestors does not have to have that moment of illumination that there is only one race, that being human, or that we are all brothers and sisters under the skin. But, burdened by the knowledge that science has imparted, perhaps he or she will not be quite as willing to run-off to the next rally and start brawling with Antifa terrorists.

The streets of our cities will be a little calmer, and we will have less opportunity to have to watch their shenanigans.

What about genetically testing people who get arrested?

Some civil rights impediments may exist for the following idea, but one wonders if one cannot genetically test white supremacists who get arrested. It may be a violation of privacy rights to leak to the press that the racist who was picked up for public brawling is actually part Cherokee, but the thought of what would happen as a result does bring a smile to the face.