North Korean state media reported on Tuesday that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un had decided not to fire missiles towards Guam as it had threatened to the week before. The report came after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that if the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) fired those missiles that it would be "game on" suggesting a military attack against Kim Jong-un.

The clashing of Kim Jong-un and Trump's machismo

This followed months of very public attacks on Twitter and through the media from President Trump to the North Korean regime for repeated missile testing.

In recent weeks it was reported that North Korea did, in fact, have nuclear warheads that could be placed on the end of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that the regime had recently tested. Experts have said that those missiles were capable of hitting the United States.

The DPRK's state run media said that Kim Jong-un would instead wait and see what the "foolish Yankees" did next. Given the level of abrasive threats made over the past several months, there is an air of relief all over the world. But there is also the view that Kim Jong-un might have lost the fight against the U.S. already which might be landing more favor with President Trump. However, after Gen. Mattis's statement, South Korea's president Moon Jae-in said that the United States would not be able to take military action without South Korea's approval.

Overall, the world feels as if it's been put through the most stress it's been through in watching both leaders threaten each other with Guam sandwiched in the middle. Last Tuesday morning, the residents in Guam were stressed even more when an unexpected and unscheduled test of the emergency broadcast system went off.

Residents believed that they might very well be under attack right then and there but it was later determined to be "human error."

Comparing Trump 'policy' against rival nuclear powers

As for the next steps by the U.S. to try and push for talks between both countries is unknown. It's been the view that Kim Jong-un will never disarm and that there might need to be some level of acceptance for the United States to have no choice but to let North Korea remain a nuclear power.

This brings to mind the nuclear deal that former President-Obama cut with Iran to prevent them from being able to manufacture nuclear weapons.

President Trump has also targeted Iran and the deal saying that it's the worse deal ever made. He's already had to recertify Iran from two recent reviews but is looking for a way to make them in violation and has also put more sanctions on the nation. Iran has threatened to leave the deal and advance their nuclear program if the U.S. continues to put more pressure on them through sanctions.