The US has been a country with Freedom Of Expression for a long time, it's been great for the development of the American society, people with different ideas have been respected. America is populated by a lot of ethnic groups who have worked together for a long time, but they have also had misunderstandings. There have been painful moments in the history of this great nation, but in general, the US has been a democracy and a society of law. Anyway, when does the freedom of expression cross the limit of legality?

Many internet companies have removed Neo-Nazis

After the racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, many tech companies decided to take action. Cloudfare, Godaddy, Alphabet and other companies blocked Neo-Nazi groups. A digital rights group believes this is extremely dangerous, an attack on freedom of expression. Cindy Cohn, a top executive from Electronic Frontier Foundation, complained about these restrictions against Neo-Nazis. There has been a lot of tension in Silicon Valley between company executives and white nationalists.

Should Neo-Nazis be tolerated?

There have been a lot of wars in the world because of differences in religion, political ideas and more. Some countries collapsed, this happened with the Soviet Union where the Communist government tried to control everything and then it exploded.

This also happened in former Yugoslavia, where all the ethnic groups fought against each other in a certain moment. The US has tolerated many groups for a long time and has been able to exist as a nation until now. Should it change?

Silicon Valley is full of immigrants

The Mecca of Technology is full of foreigners, they have come from places such as India, Eastern Europe and other parts of the planet.

They have built a thriving community with high levels of social and economic development. This is populated by skilled immigrants, the US has imported these brains. It's good for the immigrants and it's good for America. No surprise that many people in Silicon Valley love America, but feel a little uncomfortable with white nationalists.

Divorce and Homosexuality

Many Western countries tolerate divorce and homosexuality, this is accepted by society. Women can leave their husbands if they want, and homosexuals can marry. Of course, it's different in many countries. What types of laws should we use to judge people? Should neo-Nazis be banned?