There have been misunderstandings between the White and Black communities in the US for a long time. A painful historical fact is that life was very hard for the first Africans who arrived in America. Even today, there are events like the one that happened in Charlottesville a few days ago. It is also true that African-Americans live better lives than many across the globe, but they have to improve in areas such as median wealth, unemployment, and other issues.

Per capita income based on purchasing power parity

The per capita is an economic indicator that shows the amount of goods and services produced by one person.

The living cost is another very important factor because prices are different worldwide, with $1,000 I can have a purchasing power three or four times higher depending on the country where I live. We have to adjust prices to make a fair comparison, a few years ago the per capita of the US was more than $53,000 using international prices. The same economic indicator for the rich Switzerland was more than $46,000 while Canada and Australia surpassed $43,000. What about Black America? Its per capita was $23,000, less than half of the US average but this is more than in most nations. For example, the Russian per capita was less than $18,000, the Mexican one just surpassed $15,000. China has been a respected country since long ago because it's grown fast but its per capita was less than half of Black America.

The Black population in the US was more than 43 million people a few years ago, this is more than the population of countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iraq. If we multiply the US black population by the per capita we get an economy of around $1 trillion, an impressive number.

Other indicators have to improve

The percentage of Black people living in poverty is almost twice the US average, and the unemployment rate is much higher too.

The median wealth per adult among African-Americans was about nine times less than the US average. Another painful statistic is that crime affects the Black community, and the incarceration rate for African-Americans is six times more than the average. The incarceration rate in the US is higher than in most countries -- about five times more than Australia and fourteen times more than in Japan. The human development index of Black Americans is less than the average but it surpasses Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Cuba, and others.