The New York Knicks have undergone a lot of changes recently. They fired Phil Jackson and have been in the media for a long time over their lackluster season. Fans will be hoping that the Knicks can turn things around and become a playoff team once again and compete.

Carmelo Anthony has also been in the media for quite some time and constant rumors have been shed about where he could end up. He has been a constant topic of conversation. The Knicks have made some bad decisions with overpaying players, but they made a great one in signing Michael Beasley for needed offense.

The signing

An article on Elite Sports NY by Colin Loring lists the specifics on the signing. Beasley is listed to make about 2.1 million on a one-year deal. The forward will be joining his "sixth team in nine years." The player had a lot of potential in earlier years but just has not been productive enough.

The forward averaged "9.4 points on an average of 16 minutes per night." He will surely be getting a big spike in minutes for the team. The veteran had his best game last season against the formidable San Antonio Spurs where he poured on 28 points to win the game.

Michael Beasley is a good addition to the team to score along with guard Tim Hardaway Jr. Both players will give a boost on the offensive end.

The veteran can make mid-range jumpers, and he can shoot at a good clip from three-point range. The team needed to sign these players because they did end up losing Justin Holiday and Derrick Rose.

Carmelo Anthony's future

Carmelo Anthony's future is uncertain. It would be the best for him to get out of New York City and compete for a championship or even reach the playoffs.

He is wasting his offensive talent and he does not have that many years left in the league. The gifted offensive threat could end his career out on a solid note by joining a team to compete for a title or championship.

The signing of Beasley signals that the team could be preparing for Anthony's departure. The addition gives them another decent forward just in case.

Can they get Kyrie Irving?

The Knicks would be a much better team if they signed Kyrie Irving and it would work out for both parties. Irving would get to play close to home because he is from New Jersey and he would be the main star for the organization. A lot would need to happen for this transaction to occur.

The Cavaliers would take Carmelo Anthony for Kyrie Irving. The problem is that Anthony will only waive his no-trade clause for the Houston Rockets. So, it is highly unlikely that the trade happens, but it would be great if it did. There is some hope left although.

The Knicks still have a long way to go to be a playoff team, but at least they are heading in the right direction by making needed management changes and by signing offensive weapons.