As the Senate had just broke for their August recess, President Trump reportedly spoke with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) over the phone on August 9 from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he berated him over their failure of not being able to get legislation passed through the Senate. Reports on the phone call have only detailed that Trump slammed McConnell for not repealing Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Trump blames McConnell for not stopping Russia investigation

But a New York Times article titled: "McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency," it also said that President Trump was specifically "animated" about the Russia investigation being conducted on him by the Justice Department with special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

He apparently attacked McConnell for not doing anything to stop the investigation against him. Those details were one of the more recent examples of the President's views against the investigation being conducted on him.

It's been reported that since July, the White House counsel has been communicating with Mueller's legal team over their investigation, which includes the President's request to his legal counsel that they tell Mueller that he thanks him for the job that he's doing. That he has anything good to say about the former FBI director, it shows a contrast to what the President has said about him in public and likely revealing his attempts to try and "lather up" the special prosecutor.

When the President has obstructed justice

Trump has made it clear that he doesn't want to be investigated to the point where he's continued to look for ways to get rid of the former FBI director. Over the past month, the President has expressed anger towards his attorney general, Jeff Session, for recusing himself earlier in the year saying that if he had known he was going to recuse himself, he wouldn't have selected Sessions for the position.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named the special prosecutor within days after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for leading the department's investigation on Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, over possible collusion with Russian officials.

Still trying to stop investigation

It's been reported that Trump's legal counsel has been looking into ways to undermine Robert Mueller's investigation and he has even threatened to fire him.

In his public attacks against Sessions, it's been suggested that the President could try to get the attorney general to resign in order to replace him with someone who had not recused themselves and would then be able to fire the special prosecutor. Unbelievably, the President has no problem making his effort to obstruct obviously.

Aside from Mueller's investigation, however, Senate committees are also conducting their own, and it's been suggested that Trump might have been angry at McConnell over those. And with his recent attempt to berate McConnell for not stopping that investigation, that could be another sign of the President using protected language to tell lawmakers to protect him. This could, in fact, be more proof of his attempts to obstruct justice.