With the reports of the shifting of roles in the White House, Jay Sekulow continues to be the face of Trump's personal legal representation, even going as far as to deny repeatedly that the President was even under investigation. This is likely because Jay Sekulow has been a combative conservative, has represented conservatives and pushed conservative agendas for decades and is, therefore, considered one of the "drummers" for the Republican Party. He also continues to "drum" the same line that neither the President or anyone else in his campaign had done anything wrong.

Trump's legal defense constantly scrambling

But this is not what the investigators, justice officials and overall consensus say. A broad aspect of the investigation itself is being handled by the special prosecutor because there was reason for them to believe there was possible criminal intent by the Trump campaign to collude with Russian officials. In fact, some prosecutors have already concluded that the reports of Trump Jr's meeting with a Kremlin lawyer last year, was collusion.

It's also been reported that the investigation is now over Trump's possible obstruction of justice for firing people who were leading those investigations. Such people were former FBI Director James Comey and Sally Yates who were focused on President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

It's likely that with a White House that has no qualms about attacking anyone who opposes the President, attacks his agenda and his administration, that they've revealed their own weaknesses. It's been widely reported that rather than the President using the official White House counsel for the defense that he created his own wall of legal defense using people like Marc Kasowitz, who has been his personal lawyer for years.

Vulnerabilities by even the 'toughest' attorney

Until the last few months, Kasowitz was leading the President's legal team before ProPublica reported in an article titled: "Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: ‘Watch Your Back, Bitch’" that Kasowitz lost his cool in an email with a stranger. Since then, Trump's Legal Defense hired Mark Corallo to be Kasowitz' spokesman for questions from the media concerning Russia.

But Corallo left the team last month over their plans to attack the special counsel, Robert Mueller. This triggered Ty Cobb to come in and lead the team.

It was about this time that there were reports that the President had dictated a misleading statement that his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. used to respond to reports of a meeting he had with a Kremlin lawyer. It was also about this time that the stronger forces within Trump's legal team -- including Sekulow -- were scrambling to defend him with follow up statements to the report.

Kasowitz will bring down rest of Trump's legal team

It should be pointed out that in reports that have come out about Kasowitz over the last few months, one of them referred to a drinking problem which is in itself a vulnerability of Kasowitz' character.

The details are provided in yet another ProPublica report titled: "Trump’s Russia Lawyer Isn’t Seeking Security Clearance, And May Have Trouble Getting One". It's also been stated that despite going to rehab in 2015, that he'd apparently relapsed into drinking again in recent months, likely troubled by the legal realities of defending Donald Trump. It's also been reported that he doesn't have security clearance to obtain what he needs to defend Trump.

In the vetting process for that clearance, the government would need to conduct thorough questioning and research on Kasowitz' family and friends which could jeopardize his clearance. This is because, with his drinking problems, he would not get the security clearance he needs as it would show that he could be vulnerable to blackmail.

In fact, it appears that he even knows that he won't get that security clearance. With this and Sekulow's inability to say the right things, all of this points to the possibility that President Trump's legal defense won't have the power to stand up to Mueller's large team of prosecutors and a grand jury.