The latest reports that Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with a Kremlin lawyer at Trump Tower on June 9 of last year have forced the President to come out on defense. While traveling to France, Trump was asked about the meeting which he claims he did not attend, did not know about, and that those who attended the meeting -- Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner -- were doing nothing wrong when they did.

Denial over investigation on Trump

The issue that has come out is that, despite the fact that members of the billionaire's campaign have claimed that they didn't meet with Russian officials, more reports have come out to say otherwise.

Another issue is the matter that Trump Jr. has shown that he colluded with Russian officials on behalf of the Trump campaign. Those same officials -- by coincidence -- showed up prior to reports that Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers were hacked by Russian hackers.

At the same time, the President's council have come out to say that there was nothing illegal about holding the meeting. One of those lawyers from his team is Jay Sekulow, who said before while on "Meet the Press" in June that President Trump was not under investigation, despite reports that special prosecutor Robert Mueller was running a criminal investigation on the President for attempting to obstruct justice.

Jay Sekulow goes round-n-round with Chuck Todd

Sekulow was on "Meet the Press" this Sunday, where he repeated the declaration that the President was not under investigation. During the interview, he deflected much of the questioning by saying that he did or does not represent Donald Trump Jr. when asked about the Trump Tower meeting.

When the attorney was pressed even further, he referred to the firing of James Comey. Chuck Todd, the host of "Meet The Press," saw that Sekulow was not answering his question.

For the lawyer, Comey's firing was where much of the controversy over possible Trump-Russia collusion started. Sekulow continued to say that Donald Trump was not at the meeting but reports from various sources put Donald Trump in the building when the meeting was taking place.

If Trump was not at that meeting or even aware of it, his top three campaign aides were. It's assumed that he would know where his top aides were at the time, even if he might not have been at the meeting.

President Trump's suspicious timing

On June 7 when it was reported that Trump Jr. received an email that told him the Russian government had incriminating information on Hillary Clinton and the DNC, candidate Trump made an announcement that something big was coming soon. One could appropriately assume that he was referring to the incriminating information that Trump Jr. was promised at the meeting. The following week, it was reported that the DNC had been hacked and that a trove of emails were stolen -- revealing that they were sabotaging the Sanders campaign and preventing him from winning the DNC nomination.