It is easy to believe that President Trump has achieved nothing since becoming Commander-in-Chief. CNN recently produced a news story interviewing the President's most loyal supporters who claim to have become dissatisfied with his administration's efforts. And if one receives all of their information from the mainstream media, it is understandable why they would believe such a narrative.

But his predecessor, Barack Obama, who is still portrayed as a demigod by news outlets and celebrities, received a rude awakening during his birthday celebration.

GOP politicians trolled the former president with the latest job figures, which suggest that 209,000 new positions have been added to the economy since Donald Trump became President. In June last year, Mr. Obama said no new jobs would be created if the Republican entered the White House. Rather like his Brexit threat, the Democrat has been proven wrong again.

This good news has been shattered by the Democrats

However, this good news has been shattered by the democrats yet again. Robert Mueller is now overseeing an investigation into "Russian interference" in last year's election. The Guardian warned that this could lead to his impeachment. What they hate the most, though, is that President Trump is quietly achieving progress with his policies and his voters may well thank him for it in 2020.

Firstly, he has managed to reduce immigration. Customs and Borders Protections reported that there has been a 20 percent drop in unauthorized immigrants entering the United States since 2016.

Though President Trump's travel ban has encountered problems, the Supreme Court enabled parts of it to be brought forward. This was achieved by appointing young conservatives like Neil Gorsuch to the US' highest court.

The President has also repealed many of Obama's environmental policies. His withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord remains intact and the EPA is dismantling the former president's Clean Power Plan, a significant policy aimed at cutting greenhouse gases. President Trump has also succeeded in uplifting his predecessor's ban on Arctic drilling.

Impressive achievements for a young presidency

Under Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department has become tougher on low-level drug offenses, meaning they will be given harsher sentences. The federal government can seize assets from people suspected of crimes. The President may be dissatisfied with Mr. Sessions publicly, but the latter has played a crucial part in shaping the former's justice policy.

Finally, the Trump administration has lived up to its promise of repealing business regulations. Parts of the Dodd-Frank law and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau have been removed, and 391 other regulations have been delayed.

These achievements are impressive for a young presidency, but America will not become "great again" if the Democrats successfully achieve their aim of impeaching Trump.