It’s time for Tuesday to bring you a host of wonderful things, Virgo. Your birthday from August 23rd to September 22nd makes you a great organizer but one who lacks initiative. You usually need an extra push to get things going because you sometimes tend to doubt your own abilities. Today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo speaks about finding the courage to get much needed closure before you wreck your current relationships.

What to expect

Singles: Love is right at your fingertips and you would have grabbed it quite some time ago, if only you had managed to get over your ex!

Is this how you want to spend your days? Crying and moping around because someone else was too blind to see how good they had it? Okay then, your point has been made so get up and get closure now. Take however long you need to because, like it or not, these achy breaky bouts of yours need to stop. When you’ve made peace with your past, step into the light and you’ll feel the warmth of possibility start to envelop you. Only then will true love come looking for you.

Couples: The stars can’t seem to please you today, can they, Virgo? Just when they’ve answered your prayers for a lover, you start missing your freedom as a single person. Keep this up and you’ll end up single again, but miserable.

There’s actually nothing wrong with your relationship apart from your insecurities getting the better of you. Put them on hold, reflect on how great you actually have it, and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars very shortly.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Help a broken heart find some glue to piece it all together, Virgo.

You might think that you could do the same for yourself but a close friend is in dire need of some cheering up right now. This person is always around for you in similar situations and is a trusted individual with a big heart who just happens to be a little down on their luck today. Be a good friend and head out because duty calls.

For those of you already in a relationship: It’s nice to fall out of routine sometimes and surprise your partner in pleasant ways. Today, you may want to visit them at work with a tasty lunch that you prepared or send them a handwritten, sweet-smelling card to brighten their day. Stray from the ordinary and you’ll be sure to get a smile.

That was your daily Lovescope for Virgo. Do enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, and see you tomorrow for more insight from the stars. Enjoy the rest of your day!