Dear Taurus, a beautiful Sunday awaits you. Your birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th, making you a great organizer and financial planner. Today’s daily Taurus Lovescope speaks about standing by the right person instead of settling for a bunch of critics.

What to expect

Singles: While traveling, you could meet a really exciting person that makes your heart skip a beat. Your backgrounds may be different, but try to keep an open mind to the possibilities at large. He/she is entertained by your wit and zest for life and hopes that when today’s ride is over, you’ll want to see him/her again.

Well Taurus, you woke up today hoping for a change and tada! You got one.

You’re used to being criticised Taurus. Your former lovers didn’t like how you dressed, couldn’t care less for your hobbies, and thought that your jokes were too offbeat. You’ve started wondering lately if something really might be wrong with you. Hello! No way! Your uniqueness, nerve, and creativity make you the incredible person you are and if others can’t handle you, they’re weak!

Couples: Sometimes you let your imagination run away with you Taurus. The slightest difference in your partner’s behavior can get you riled up because you think he/she is being unfaithful. What is wrong with you? Your relationship is solid and he/she loves you very much.

However, your bouts of unfounded jealousy are sure to put a spoke in their wheel and they will leave you sooner or later. Trust your partner Taurus and quiet down your insecurities. Naturally, there’s no guarantee that anyone will stay with you forever, but while you have a great thing going, why spoil it?

Something is not quite right about today Taurus.

People seem to be rubbing you the wrong way and your partner is giving you a bit of a cold shoulder. Others are just brushing you off or barely paying attention to you. Blame it on the day’s planetary energies Taurus. Your crowd still loved you a whole lot but the day’s heaviness is weighing on their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.

Give them a little break and just resume from wherever you stopped, tomorrow.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Love blooms in the strangest of places sometimes, places you would never have dared to look. So today, have your eyes peeled for fantastic opportunities in such locations: the hole-in-the-wall restaurant, a red traffic light that turned green as you walked by, or the amusement park filled with laughs and screams. Love certainly is exciting and can be a little crazy as well.

For those already in a relationship: There has been some discord lately in your family Taurus, and while you tried to settle things, nothing seemed to work. Today though, the stars have placed you in good standing and all familial issues will disappear, leading to a harmonious atmosphere at home.

This is sure to come as a huge relief to everyone involved, especially you, everyone’s peacemaker.

That’s all for today’s daily Lovescope for Taurus. We thank you for joining us and hope to see you again tomorrow. Please share your reading with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.