Dear Gemini, Sunday has arrived with a wish for your complete happiness this week! Your birthday between May 21 and June 21 makes you non-controversial. You intensely dislike conflict and would rather walk away than quarrel. Today’s daily Lovescope for Gemini speaks about patience being a virtue.

What to expect

Singles: Patience is a virtue, in love and out of it. Even though you’re willing to wait for your special someone, you’re really impatient today and starting to stamp your feet. As if that’s going to speed up the process, right Gemini? You can shout all you want and even run around naked with a ‘pick me’ sign but love, besides being really amused, will still make you wait until it’s time!

So, suck it up for now and go put back on your clothes.

Everyone is caught up in their own personal dramas of woe and worry today and as a result, you can’t find anyone to play with. Ohh Ohh...poor baby. It’s not that you’ve rubbed them the wrong way, it’s just that the celestial energies are making them concentrate on much more pressing matters. You’re used to being open in relationships with sharing and proper communication, vital for your survival. But for some reason, others around you are clamming up and sweeping important matters under the carpet. There’s nothing else you can do until this mood passes, which, will be soon. So, in the meantime, take your rubber duckie and go play solo.

Couples: Intimate feelings intensify at this time between you and your partner Gemini.

So be open to taking your relationship to a whole new level today. Either you or your partner wants a deeper and more meaningful relationship so make sure you talk to them about your feelings and also listen when they tell you about theirs.

Don't let yourself be influenced by the past Gemini! If your rising sign is in the sign of Leo, it’s time to eliminate ghosts or nostalgia and start only thinking about the future.

Good news is on the cards if you would only give a new person a chance to enter your heart.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: You’ve started off your day on a positive note Gemini, accomplishing your tasks and still finding time for a sweet date with one of your admirers. Coming down to the evening though, you’re starting to get really tired.

Right about then, everyone seems to want a piece of you, wanting to drop by for a visit or take you out. Politely decline and prepare to spend time with the most important person in your world tonight...yourself!

For those of you already in a relationship: Even though you are your own biggest critic Gemini, your sweetheart sees your potential even when you refuse to. This person brings out the best in you and helps you to achieve your goals hand in hand. It’s not easy to find such a person, so Gemini, consider yourself truly blessed.

It has been a pleasure sharing this insight with you in your daily Lovescope for Gemini. Remember that our Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is here at your service every day, just waiting to enlighten you.

Have a fantastic Sunday and see you soon!