Saturday is finally here Libras! You are a hot blooded sign, ruled by your heart and constantly falling in love with love. You were born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Today’s daily Lovescope for Libra speaks about learning to roll with the punches as they come!

What to expect:

Singles: You have a refined taste and know quality when you see it so, your future lover will have to share your love of aesthetics and harmony. You have a lot of possessions and take great care of them. Some people call you possessive but what’s yours is yours and sharing was never second nature to you--in love or not.

Tonight, a mood of gloom may descend on your usually bright persona. The stars can’t help you out tonight and the most you can do is exercise some patience. People come into your life at the right time so don’t force things.

Couples: If you’re getting married today, boy-oh-boy did you pick an interesting day! The influence of inauspicious planetary positions can lead to troubles and small hurdles in the area of romance are definitely indicated. You may even be accused by your partner of being selfish! Look, you reached too far to turn back now so take a deep breath and try to create as much harmony as possible. Your sweetheart does not want to fight so work in tandem to keep unnecessary arguments and frustrations at bay.

Your sweet and funny ways make everyone you encounter feel a little happier to be alive, now even more than usual. If you're apart from your sweetheart, send them some love via text, instant message or even real, live flowers.

If you have a rising sign in Virgo, be careful not to get charmed by the seductive smile of a new encounter.

Deepen the friendship before taking any decision.

How to get through your day:

For those looking for love: For those of you of the third decade, with all your beauty and sensuality, you won't find it hard to put yourself out there. Sure, love can wait, but you’re impatient and want someone now, now now! Try to be imaginative and inventive sexually speaking and within a short space of time, you’ll find someone who will go along with your every whim.

For those already in a relationship: Nothing good lasts forever, but then again, the bad times also disappear. It’s the same with relationships: some last, others end. Sometimes there is a mutual understanding that things have come as far as they can, and at other times you both feel that a little time apart can make your heart grow fonder. Try spending some time apart and work on both your attitudes--for the better. Who knows? New elements may emerge in the partnership that will prove beneficial later on.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily Lovescope for Libra. Best wishes for an incredible day and don’t forget to check your reading tomorrow to see what the stars have in store.