A special greeting to you! It’s a wonderful Friday and welcome to your daily horoscope for Taurus, where we take a look at what you can expect and how to be in full control of your day. Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars are telling you for today.

What to expect

It may not be obvious to many but you Taurus are a sensitive and kind spirit, it's just hidden under your sometimes serious nature, however with the planet of Venus ruling over your sign, it would be strange if your heart weren't just a tad bigger than the average.

Reveal this side of you to those that are close to you or those that are trying to become close to you, a little effort on their behalf could go a long way in making you feel comfortable to open yourself up to them. Hopefully, they get this right because it could be something wonderful for the both of you.

In the Taurus’ typical fashion, you can shoulder the burden if need to and travel the arduous road, today it's more than necessary, for you won't just carrying your own load, but you will also have to be the main source of strength for a loved one that is going a difficult time. Be patient with them; not everyone has your ability to see the big picture and recognize that to eventually get to a good space, that we sometimes have to travel through the bad.

Most comfortable at times in your earth tones Taurus, today you will go in an opposite direction: pink! Find some way to integrate this color into your final look today and profitability and austerity will surely find you.

To get through your day

To get through your day Taurus, your advice is to be firmly rooted in reality as you go through the motions of today, a lot of unpleasant issues and memories will resurface today, and your reactions to it will be almost tangible.

It doesn't do you any good to go through today as an emotional time bomb reacting to stimuli of the past, instead deal with today's problems as they come – don’t be transported back to that negative place. A lot of time has passed, and you have learned a lot from those previous trials- trust that you can overcome today!

Taurus, today a lot of joy will be gained from a creative outlet, call up your musically inclined friends for a jam session or add that color to that bland living area that you have.

Whichever you decide to do it, trust the stars – it will be fulfilling.

Okay, Taurus here is daily horoscope for Taurus with great guidelines for you. Please share this reading with your friends on social media; Facebook or Twitter, and have a wonderful Friday!