Greetings Sagittarius! Today, may your heart be brave, your mind fierce, your spirit free and your journey, successful. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has the inside scoop for you in Thursday’s daily horoscope for Sagittarius.

What to expect

Where is my other half you’ve been wondering? Where is that person fulfilling my needs, dreams, and desires? Well, the truth is Sagittarius, that you need only look in the mirror to find such a dreamy person. Over time, you’ve allowed yourself to be so influenced by the outside world, that you’re nearly convinced you cannot be happy with yourself.

It’s time for a change of thought dear friend. People show you only what they want you to see, but behind closed doors, it’s another story entirely. There are so many couples who pretend to happy for society, but in reality, they’re miserable. Then, there are other single people who go about their day alone, and you feel nothing but pity for them. When in fact, they are the ones who are thrilled with their lives! You may need to reconsider your game plan today and find new ways to entertain yourself Sagittarius.

Your intuition kicks in today Sagittarius and a little bit of deja vu that has you bewildered. Buy a book on dream interpretations and see if you could get any insight into the strange visions you’ve been having nightly.

As you go about your day, you’ll get the sudden urge to speak to this person, or buy a particular item, or even visit a certain place. It could be the stars taking a more forceful approach to your life or, it could be something or someone else trying to tell you something.

If you feel a bit drained, worry not because you’ve been on your feet all day.

Soak them in some warm water with your favorite bath salts and light some scented candles. Hey, just because you’re single doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a romantic setting Sagittarius. Sip your wine, get back to your reading or watch a game show on TV and try to answer before the contestants. Life is whatever you make it, so rather than sad, be glad (it takes up much less energy).

How to get through your day

You’re itching for change so pack your suitcase and take off on a wild ride. You enjoy new sights, sounds, smells, ways of life and sometimes you wish you could travel back in time to see how people lived and how you would have survived too. You know the one thing that’s just as great as traveling solo Sagittarius? Traveling with someone who makes the journey even more amazing and fun. Cheer up, you’ll get a real life teddy bear soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by today to read your daily horoscope for Sagittarius. Be sure to share and come back tomorrow to see what insight Astrologer Megan Wilson has just for you! Have an enjoyable Thursday!