Welcome to your Thursday daily horoscope for Libra! Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has consulted the stars, and they just wanted to remind you to laugh when you can, apologize when you should and just let go of anything you cannot change. Now, let’s have a look at what the rest of this wonderful day holds for you.

What to expect

You’re in a fighting mood Libra and won’t tolerate any condescension shown to you by anyone--not even those in authority. This one issue you've been dealing with lately has really gotten under your skin, and you're willing to do what it takes to make your point.

You've got the gumption to spare, so woe to anyone who feels the need to challenge your positions. With your energy level this high, you're not about to hand over the reins to someone you sense is less committed or capable than yourself. This goes especially for those who may just be puffing up their chest to catch you off guard. The stars are on your side and advise you to don't give up and don't give in. Keep at it because you're almost there so go ahead and focus on leadership right now.

Just when you thought everything was calm and stable, something starts shaking the very ground you stand on, Libra. A few steps in a different direction may place you in a safe area where you can easily ride out the storm.

For now though, just try to secure your footing, hold on, and stay flexible. Becoming too fixed and rigid would be a bad idea.

A difficult subject needs to be broached by those born in the third decade. The stars advise you to avoid any disagreement in your midst and refuse to be pulled into anyone’s drama. You feel nostalgic today, so make the most of this by collating all your old photos together in a beautiful album.

You could be feeling like singing along to your favorite song so crank up the volume in your car or check out a concert. The din of the traffic seems to be the only noise in the city—or perhaps, that was just the thumping of your restless heart!

How to get through your day

You’re lucky if you can count in your life, at least one person who you can trust.

Such persons are rare, and today, you’re finding solace in such a person. Make sure and show the depth of your gratitude later on. This individual will be a source of much comfort for you, and their help and guidance may be all that you need at this moment in order to get yourself out of a challenging situation.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Libra. It has been a pleasure providing you with insight that could guide you towards a happier and more informed you. We hope your Thursday is a blast and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.