Greetings Gemini! As we gaze up into the stars for insight, lets see what Astrologer Megan Wilson has to say about your day. Welcome to your daily horoscope for Gemini!

What to expect

Your air sign makes you a great communicator and you really do enjoy the sound of your own voice. You're eloquent beyond a shadow of a doubt, but try not to let your gift of gab run away with you today, or your audience's interest. It's tempting to get up and stay up on your soapbox for as long as possible, but you really don’t want to counter any good influence that you may have.

Will you drive your message home or will you drive people away? Make sure to pay attention to how your audience is behaving and let that be your guide.

Extravagance, indulgence, showing off — those are a few of your favorite things--and you do them so well! Being excessive is at the very top of your list of favorite qualities -- or, more accurately, your guilty pleasures. Alongside it, you'll find a tendency toward the lavish, and an urge to overdo just about everything. Hey, when you’re really good at something, you might as well be a master at it and in your case, you’re definitely owning this moment. Enjoy it!.

When it comes to matters of the heart, other people may be in a whirl of turmoil and trying to figure out their state of mind will be impossible so don't even try.

It's very possible that the best solution today is to simply give up control, Gemini. You may just want to let things ride and see where you end up tomorrow before making any major moves. It could be a time of strong tension so why not enroll on a karate course to get rid of stress, or get involved in some kind of manual hobby.

Live and love with more tranquility and you will savor day after day all the tenderness of this feeling.

How to get through your day

Today may find you in a situation in which you must subdue your urge to complain and just accept things as they are. This decision taken by a family member, may have some effect on you, but you are not in a position to change it.

You are convinced this will spell disaster and nothing else. Instead of sticking to your unyielding convictions, why not spend some time focusing on your inner self as you will certainly get a better perspective of the situation due to the presence of Moon in Aquarius. Sometimes it pays to step away from battle and live to fight another day. Wearing a cream colour will prove lucky for you today.

We’ve really enjoyed bringing you today’s daily horoscope for Gemini.Many thanks for checking us out and remember to share this reading with your family and friends. Enjoy the rest of your day!