Welcome to Thursday’s daily horoscope for Gemini. Today, don’t take things personally. Whatever anyone says about you is their reality, but simply not your problem. Your gifted astrologer Megan Wilson has consulted the stars on your behalf and has prepared an exciting report for you. Let’s take a look:

What to expect

Positive vibrations draw the right people to you today and you capitalize on expanding your social and professional network Gemini. You’re admired for your expertise and there’s a chance that someone in authority could get jealous. Keep a very close eye on this particular person because he/she might be looking to take credit for your work in some way.

The stars are on your side and even though you’d like to show up someone for their facetiousness, you keep your cool and sip your drink. Keep in mind the bigger picture and use your eloquence with words to get your way Gemini. No one can match your calculated flair.

Taking care of your health is paramount Gemini especially if you’ve been feeling to drop. At some point in the day, your thinking may become muddled and it’s no wonder: you’ve been working overtime and pushing yourself too hard. Why not spend some quality time tonight in a bubble bath with your loved one? He/she will be only too eager to help melt away your worries. A little nibble on your earlobe, a tongue in your ear, a hand on your thigh, this is just what you were waiting for!

If you knew that was your reward at home when you were stressed, you’d make it your business to take on much more at work! You’re in a pretty good place in your relationship so remember not to start taking your partner for granted because, as far as the stars are concerned, you have quite a catch on your hands Gemini.

How to get through your day

You revel in the spotlight today Gemini as your creative work receives its due recognition. Higher ups take note and the moon’s moving into Virgo makes you a prime candidate for a step up at the workplace. Be tactful in your dealings with everyone you encounter and wear gray for good luck. It’s a soothing color that will ward off negativity and enhance your inner power.

Technology has always fascinated you and there are some innovative pieces at the office you’ve been dying to try out. Keep a repairman on hand in case of fluctuations, and start thinking how you can incorporate these new devices in your next big project. You’re always on the ball aren’t you Gemini?

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Gemini. We hope you have found it useful and will return soon for more insight into your Daily life. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and don’t forget to share your reading with others on social media.