Hi, Capricorns! It’s a fascinating Friday and welcome to your daily horoscope for Capricorns! Let’s see what the stars want to tell you for today, Capricorns. Here is some information on what you can expect and how to navigate through your day:

What to expect

What is good for the one is good for them all. You are known for being a sort of traditional personality, however, this does not allow you to relegate others to a role that you think is best or expected. Trust others to know their own ability, with the Moon in Capricorn it's quite common for you to try to shoulder everyone’s else struggles because you know your own internal strength – but just as you are able to develop and grow through hardships so, too, others must have their own experiences as well.

Hard work pays off for you today, it may seem like no one has noticed all of your extra hours at the office, but the right persons have and in due time you will be rewarded for it. Trust your plan and keep your pedal to the metal-because your career is about to go into overdrive.

Not Maroon, not salmon and not peach but today’s lucky color is just like the Capricorn - quite unique; its violet! It might seem like an extreme stretch from your teals, grays or blues but trust the stars – whatever you have planned will be only positively affected if you this beautiful shade of purple today.

How to get through your day

To get through today Capricorns, remember that confession is good for the soul, with the Moon having just moved in Capricorn, a lot of situations from the past will be coming up- take this opportunity to get all of that guilt off of your chest!

Tell the truth and accept the repercussions – it may be a difficult communication but in the end, you will both feel better by airing it out.

Whatever happens in the dark will come to the light- today that is especially true for you. When the Moon is in Capricorn, it encourages a more honest version of ourselves - Trust the stars- what ever secrets are hidden away are not as forgotten as you have hoped.

Get it off your chest, sit your loved one down and have that difficult conversation – it is much better coming from you than from anyone else. It might surprise you that others are more forgiving than you thought.

Thank you so much for checking out today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn. It is always a pleasure to bring you your Daily horoscope. Please share this reading with all of your friends and networks, and have an awe inspiring Friday.