Friday rolls in at its own sweet pace and you feel a sense of relief Cancer. As you go about your daily activities, remember Socrates’ words: ‘the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ It’s now time to take a look at your daily horoscope for Cancer, compiled by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson:

What to expect

Life is a funny thing. You could be thinking of someone you haven’t heard from in some time and within a short space of time, voila! He/she contacts you. If you hadn’t noticed it before, you're definitely going to notice it now.

Over the coming weeks, a parade of long lost friends and lovers will make contact with you. The fun, however, starts today, Cancer.

It’s a time for socializing, and you’re in a chirpy mood. For weeks, you’ve planning that amazing dinner party in your head when you realize that you already have all the necessary ingredients on hand: you, your good friends, family, and food. So call people up and tell them you’re having a little get together. They’ve always enjoyed your company and so, will be sure to come. If your mood slumps by this afternoon Cancer, try to cast aside this gloominess by doing something to improve your health.

Flattery can get you a lot of places, but if you’re the one giving in to it today, you may be looking for some trouble Cancer.

Malicious people are everywhere, and you want to be on your guard against them trying to lead you astray. Tonight be more optimistic. The stars say you’ll feel like you’re dreaming, but at the first sign of an interesting attraction or affair, you'll start to like it. Your optimism sets you apart from the crowd if your rising sign is in the sign of Aries.

Continue like this, and you will reach every goal, even those which seem impossible

Today is an enjoyable day for you, Cancer where you’ll be able to increase your fortune by wearing purple. There’ll be the effects of the planetary movement on your finances today, and you’ll be thrilled by an increase in money. It’s time to celebrate your success with your friends or have a party.

Meditation comes in handy and will make you smarter and stronger for any kind of situation in the future.

How to get through your day

Strength lies in numbers Cancer and to conquer, people must unite. Today, something or someone may urge you to make a major move so be sure to make it in the right direction. Factions of people are continuing to fight among themselves only aggravate current problems. You know better than to get involved so try to make them work together on the larger issues that affect us all. The key is to accept one another's differences, and once they can get past that, harmony is foretold.

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