We’re so happy that you chose to visit today and check out your daily horoscope for Cancer. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has the latest scoop from the stars and is eager to shed some light on your life as guided by the stars. Let’s get started:

What to expect

It’s easy to fall head over heels in your excitement to proclaim your love --or like for someone. But bear in mind that not everyone feels the same way, and some are more guarded in their emotions. Today, you muster the courage to speak straight from the heart, but the person you're dealing with may be all about dissecting the situation with cool, calm logic.

It’s frustrating! But don't let this drive you two into a battle of the wills--instead, get some clarity before you start discussing the details. One thing that would help is to explain your point of view and your communication style and ask them to do the same. That alone might defuse the possibility of fireworks. There's really no time like the present to say what's on your mind.

Good opportunities exist today for enjoyment; parties, conquests and new encounters so make the most of this profitable period and dive in! If you have a rising sign in Virgo however, your craving for something new could play a nasty trick on you, putting even your most solid relationships at risk. The stars advise you to limit scenes of jealousy: they could be very annoying and even be a turn off for some.

Today you'll discover a new hobby. Fitness offers many possibilities, but it's advisable to avoid activities which are too demanding.

Sometimes, work gets so frustrating that you’re tempted to rip your hair out in clumps Cancer! But it seems all your Hard Work has paid off, and your bosses and peers are not only acknowledging your efforts, but they’re praising you as well.

It is a great day on the professional front, and you can thank the moon moving into Pisces for that. For future jobs at hands, it is important that you maintain your peace of mind to complete any task that you undertake. Avoid wearing the color blue.

How to get through your day

It’s a good day to attend to your errands because of the busy vibe that surrounds you.

You may find yourself running in a million different directions, and you’ve realized you’re quite the multitasker. You can juggle many things at once, so continue with confidence. Make sure that you do each task thoroughly instead of skimming over them. Others are likely to notice your work so take pride in everything you execute.

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