Welcome to your Tuesday reading Aquarius. The reason we can’t let go of someone is because deep inside, we still have hope. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson will give you a reason to be really happy. She has compiled your daily horoscope for Aquarius, so let’s check it out.

What to expect

Don your white apparel today Aquarius and get ready to glow. This color is sure to bring you guidance on all levels and positive vibrations as well. Your words will carry a special depth and intensity now, so if you know someone who needs a good talking to, sit them down and get to business.

Communication ought to be healthy today and the stars are sure to give you that added confidence you need, to say the right thing at the right time. The people you’re dealing with will also appreciate you being straightforward and will stand to benefit a lot from your discussions.

Do you continue to walk along the straight and narrow Aquarius, or is it time to shoot across an unexplored route? You may find that the latter choice will open your mind to people, places and situations you’ve never known before and give you a brand new outlook on life. Use your experiences to help your co workers and loved ones improve their own standing and remind them that greatness can be achieved faster if they step outside their comfort zones.

What’s so great about being free, single and disengaged Aquarius? For starters, you have nobody to answer to! You can wear what you like, keep as many male and female friends as you desire, explore unknown territories at any time of the day, and walk around naked, or in your ruffled pajamas all day if you feel to. Your life is your own and you do whatever you want with it, no questions asked.

Sure, it gets lonely sometimes and you’d crave tenderness and understanding. But, you can find that without compromising your values and still wake up the next morning searching for new prospects. Life is lots of fun, either way, Aquarius so fear not. One of these days when you least expect it, there’ll be a knock from Cupid at your door.

How to get through your day

You sure are busy today Aquarius. Your home is a haven for visitors, well wishers and neighbors hoping to borrow something! When did you become so popular? Extend your usual courtesy and make everyone feel right at home: not too comfortable that they outstay their welcome of course, but just enough, so that they remember what a great day they had. By the end of the evening, you’ll have lots of invitations asking you to drop by their homes, so that they can repay your kindness.

Thanks so much for checking us out for your daily horoscope for Aquarius. We can’t wait to enlighten you again on Wednesday, so please continue to share your reading with your family and friends on social media (Facebook; Twitter etc.) and make the rest of this day a great one!